10 Remedies that can relieve depression in a relationship

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In today’s times, it is difficult to maintain a relationship in normal circumstances and if a partner is suffering from depression then it becomes even more challenging. But it is not impossible. Making small changes in a relationship, lifestyle and communication can not only help you deal with the effects of depression in a relationship but also help to improve it.

1. Try to catch the problem-

If your partner is suffering from depression, then you must understand everything about depression. Educate yourself about the causes, symptoms, and how to manage or deal with your partner. This will not only help you understand your partner’s present mental state but also help you understand how to deal with this issue.

2. Consider disease as a disease-

Sometimes, you feel that your partner is just being lazy or maybe feeling physically weak. This lack of understanding makes the person who is suffering from depression take major steps and due to their depression, they may harm themselves. Thus it is important to understand the signs and symptoms shown by your partner and take appropriate measures for the treatment.

3. Do not let yourself be stressed-

It’s easy to say but you have to take care of yourself too. You will indeed get a lot of stress due to your partner’s illness, but you will have to protect yourself from this stress because if you take this stress on yourself, then who will get your partner out of depression. So along with your partner, you should also take good care of yourself.

4. Do not run away from medical consultation-

It is a common problem that people in our country hesitate from seeing a doctor for mental illnesses or seeking their advice because they feel that people will consider them or their partner insane. Only a Medical Counsellor can understand and treat your partner’s problem in a better way. You can only play a supportive role in the process of treatment. So, you should not delay taking the advice from a professional and don’t come under stress due to social pressure.

5. Time is the biggest healer-

It may take some time for your partner to overcome this problem, so be patient and give time to the treatment. Along with this, take some time out of your professional life, and give your partner your precious time. Talk and share some quality time with your partner so that you both do not feel lonely.

6. Support in household chores-

As and when one partner goes into depression, many of the daily tasks of the house are not done properly. In such situations, you need to cooperate in the housework so that these tasks are properly and on time. This cooperation will increase mutual love and trust, which the patient in depression needs most.

7. Don’t stay away from sex-

Sex contributes greatly to strengthening the relationship and maintaining the communication of energy and love in it. Do not let the partner’s illness dominate your personal life. Many types of hormones are released in the body while having sex which calms the brain and fills it with pleasure.

8. Ensure that the treatment should be rightly done-

Your support is very important for your partner, but most important is to ensure that he/she gets the right and best treatment. For this, keep updating yourself with the treatment of his/her problem by taking the help of the internet or involving yourself in sessions and consultations with the doctor, etc. With this involvement and knowledge, you will also be able to know that the partner is being treated properly.

9. Be Normal-

It is often the case that if the partner or a family member is ill, then the other members of the family start taking extra care of that person. This is good for some cases but when a person is suffering from mental illness, he/she may misconstrue this extra care as artificial and become sad by this. So keep on behaving normally but do support.

10. Stay positive-

Never taunt your partner about the illness and also don’t talk negatively. Give hope that everything is going well and that they will recover soon. Be positive and make them feel the same.

These 10 measures mentioned are not the only solution. You can change them according to the need of the situation and condition of your partner because every person and every relationship is different. So adopt these measures with your requirement.