10 Ways to Prevent Yourself from Developing Depressive Tendencies


Under the same circumstances, some people feel depressed while others don’t. Researches show that some people are prone to depression. It is seen that some people have depressive tendencies and there are several factors like genetics, hormones, stress, social anxiety etc. responsible for them. Here we are going to discuss the ways to avoid or prevent yourself from developing these tendencies:

1. Learn Stress Management
Stress begets depression when you are not able to cope up with a problem perfectly. You will have to learn how to control your stress. Make a time table, prepare for your day, prioritize, work beforehand, get up early, don’t put off things, and keep a positive attitude towards everything. By following these things you can lower the level of stress that will help with keeping the depression at bay.

2. Exercise Regularly
Exercise releases a feel-good hormone namely serotonin which saves you from depression. This hormone improves the functioning of the brain. Depressed people have low motivation for exercise. So to begin with five minutes’ walk is a good idea. The length of the time can be increased gradually according to willingness and capacity.

3. Healthy Diet
Diet has a miraculous effect on our mood. The brain needs nutrients to function properly. Nutrients are received from a balanced diet. A healthy diet keeps the brain healthy. Avoid oily, fatty, processed food, caffeinated drinks, cookies, cakes, junk food.  Instead take sprouts, protein, food that contains omega 3, unsaturated fat, seeds, nuts, fruits. Drink 6 to 8 glass of water every day. And you will have the power to help you fight with depressive tendencies.

4. Sleep like a Child
A well thought time management, proper diet gift you with a sound sleep. Try to sleep with a peaceful conscious as a child sleeps. Sleep is like a spell which fades out the memory of a bad day at least as long as a person sleeps. A 7-8 hours regular sound sleep lessens the tendency of being depressive. Avoid spending too much time in bed. Go to the bed only when you are feeling sleepy. Stay active during the day to increase the drive of your sleep.

5. Avoid Alcohol and Drugs
People suffering from depression often say that they take alcohol or drugs because they help them to keep away from depression. It is a vicious circle actually. Alcohol and drugs dig a bigger well of depression for them who depends on these things. So, people who have dull spirit, low vitality levels and depressive tendencies, should stay away from alcohol, drugs, caffeine, nicotine, and cigarettes. These things raise the level of depression and harm the body and brain. These things raise the level of depression and harm the body and brain.

6. Talking Therapy

It has been found that talking helps a person to stay away from  depressive tendencies. Be social, talk to people and observe them silently. If possible join a support group. Stay away from negative people. This therapy is always found to be useful with the person fighting with anxiety and depression. You may talk about yourself, your problems, your symptoms, and your sickness. You will feel relaxed after pouring out everything you have been carrying inside.

7. Identify and Avoid Triggers

Depression triggers are different for different people. For example a work place may be suitable for your friend but not for you. In such a case, the idea of going to your office at 9 o clock makes you depressive in morning and you do know about it. Certain person or a group of people may be a trigger for your depression. A place, a smell, a memory, a song, a movie anything can trigger the tendency of being depressive. You have to identify this trigger yourself and try to avoid it.

8. Listen to Music
Music is the best mood refresher. Choose the type of music you like and make a habit to listen to it whenever you are free or while working if possible or during exercise. Try to concentrate on the music. Hum the songs, go with the lyrics. Let the music take over your soul.  Depressive tendencies can be controlled by music.

9. Wear a Smile
Always maintain a smiling face. Try to laugh a lot. Have a burst of laughter even on trivial jokes. Crack jokes but avoid being sarcastic bitterly. Depressive and negative people unknowingly turn towards being sarcastic to the limit of being offensive. Even if you are not feeling good, you have a sour mood; try to paste a smile on your lips. This works miraculously.

10. Ward off Negative Thoughts
Let failures come to you, let absolute darkness clot your way, be positive in any situation. Always think whatever is happening is a temporary phase of life. There is a better thing waiting for you in-store. Try to see a positive aspect of everything. Don’t ever think negatively related to any issue. Don’t talk negatively about yourself like ‘I cannot do this’; ‘I don’t have a good fortune’. Instead say ‘I can do this’, ‘I shall give it a try.’

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