10 Ways to Manage Your Fears


Insecurities beget an unknown fear. Most of us are suffering through some kind of fears and the main thing is that we don’t know about it. If you face anxiety and some fear in day to day life, here are some measures which can be taken to deal with it:

1. Be ready to face your fear
Putting off things or postponing something is a sign that you have fear or anxiety against something. You put off things because you don’t want to face it. This is different from laziness. Remember the sooner you get ready to face it, the quicker it is going to fade from your life. Prolonging to face a fear is no solution.

2. Imagine the worst
Face your fear and calculate how much loss it can cause to you and to what extent. Imagine the worst and prepare to face it bravely. The shock comes when we get any loss in life without preparation. If you are mentally prepared for a loss, it cannot intimidate you.

3. Take a break
When you are going through intense fear or anxiety, it becomes totally impossible for you to think or decide clearly. In such a case, the very first thing you need to do is to calm down your mind. Try to distract yourself from your fear, take a break, have a cup of coffee, go for a walk, or you may also have a warm bath.

4. Breathe deeply
When you get a panic attack of fear, you feel suffocating, or your heartbeats start to go faster or you have sweating palm, the best thing you can do is breathe deeply. Oxygen refreshes and fills the brain with energy. Whenever you have a feeling of sinking heart just concentrate on your respiration and start breathing deeply.

5. Think about a good memory or a happy place
If you have a panic attack of fear, try to distract your mind for the time being. Immediately turn your focus away from the present problem or situation, think about a good memory or a good friend, or the person you love, or a good place. This will definitely work as a pain killer for some time.

6. Talk therapy
Generally, we suffer much from our fear, because we have maintained an image of ourselves in society. We do not talk about our fear because we don’t want to see our prestige affected. If you have fear then talk about it with anyone. It may be your friend, your colleagues, your parents, your counsellor or even it may be a stranger too. Let the fear spill out. The longer the fear stays in you, the weaker it makes you as rust does to iron.

7. Stay away from alcohol/drugs/caffeine
Fear may push you towards alcohol, drugs or caffeinated drinks, cigarettes as these things help fight fears temporarily. They not only weaken the body but also they drain out the strength of the brain. So, in reality, they produce disastrous results.

8. Drink water
If you have a panic attack of fear, you feel like sweating, take water and sip it slowly. Try to cool down yourself. Water helps you in that. On a general basis, if you have a tendency of getting intimidated in any situation, make a habit of sufficient water intake regularly.

9. If you are not perfect, nobody is going to shoot you
Life is messy and full of all sorts of incompleteness. A load of perfection fills stress and fear in you. It is only you, who can help you. Either go with a well planned time management so that you can perform perfectly. And if it is not possible don’t die for perfection. Nobody is going to reward you for being extra precise.

10. Seek the company of a person who can motivate you 
Sometimes a mentor or a person with a charged soul encourages you so much that you become ready to overcome every fear. They negate the ill effects of fears. They fill your heart with a wish to fight and survive. Stay away from the people who intimidate you or make you discouraged.

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