10 Yoga asanas that can provide relief from Anxiety Disorder

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Our body is the most complex creation. There are so many ongoing actions and reactions which occur simultaneously. These actions-reactions are physical, mental, and emotional and are very deeply connected.

What is anxiety?

Anxiety is one such reaction of our body. Normally, when a problem is encountered, our brain becomes more active to find ways to get rid of that problem. We also start worrying about the ill effects of that problem. Because of these reactions, we find a solution to that problem. It is a normal process, but when this anxiety increases so much that the individual and social life of the person starts getting disturbed and the person develops many physical and mental issues due to that, and it happens repetitively, such occurrences become an anxiety disorder.

Can yoga overcome anxiety disorder?

It is necessary to seek advice from doctors to manage and treat anxiety disorder. They can give you some medicines and/or ask you to take counseling sessions to deal with the anxiety. You can also manage anxiety to a great extent by yoga.

Yoga is a combination of pranayama and some asanas, under which we have to take deep breaths in a certain pattern and perform certain body postures those benefit our body and brain.
When we do asanas and pranayama, the parasympathetic nervous system of our body becomes active in response to them, which calms our body and brain. In such a state, some hormones are produced in the body, which is called happy hormones and these hormones protect us from stress and anxiety.

10 Yogasanas to remove anxiety

1. Shavasana-
This is the easiest and simple asana as it is clear from the name that in this, one has to close his eyes and spread his hands and feet slightly on the ground and lie on his back. Shavasana brings great relief to both body and mind and also removes anxiety and depression. Shavasana must be done for at least three minutes after performing other yoga asanas or exercises.

2. Dhanurasana-
In this, by lying on your stomach, keeping your hands behind, and raising them forward try to hold both of your toes. In such a state the body looks like a bow. Doing this asana for 1 to 3 minutes relieves anxiety and also makes all the joints of the body strong.

3. Halasana-

In this posture, lying on your back, raise both your legs towards your head, in such a way that your entire back rises above the ground, and both your feet go far above the head and touch the ground. Both hands stick to the ground and fingers are in contact with each other. In it, the body looks like a field plough. This posture generates a lot of energy in the body and at the same time freshens the brain.

4. Marjariasana –

Although this asana is a panacea to relieve the stiffness in our spine, at the same time it also increases blood circulation throughout the body. By regularly doing this asana, one gets rid of mental troubles and helps to solve problems like anxiety.

5.Utthita Trikonasana –

This asana is done by spreading both your legs and keeping one hand on the ground and lifting the other hand in the exact opposite direction. In this asana, you balance two mutually resistant forces, due to which the body opens due to stretch and positive energy is generated in the mind.


This asana looks quite simple but maintaining the rhythmic flow of breathing and stretching the spine at the same time is the challenging part. This asana relieves stress and anxiety.

7. Paschimottanasana-

After sitting on the ground, spread your legs forward, then bend forward, hold the toes of both your legs with your hands so that both your elbows touch the ground, it is called Paschimottanasana. In this state, when you take a deep breath and leave, your mind feels calm.

8. Baddha Koṇāsana-
It is the major posture of yoga, it relaxes the thighs and spine as well as provides great relief in hip pain and troubles such as stress, tension, anxiety, and depression.

9.Setu Bandhasana-

With this asana, the chest is widened, the blood in the body increases and it also opens the blockages in the heart. By regular practice of this asana, you can eliminate your anxiety problem within a few days.

10. Ustrasana-

This asana increases the amount of oxygen in the body, which is very important to make the body and mind healthy.

All the asanas mentioned here are symbolic and perform them only after taking the advice from a skilled yoga expert and your doctor. Asanas done with incomplete information or without the supervision of a specialist can do you terrible harm.