12 Ways To Get Help When You Feel Completely Alone

Feel Completely Alone

We understand the pain of loneliness, we all are sensitive human beings and in our lives, there are some points when we all experience the vacuum. But this is also a truth that not all may be experienced or experiencing lows as bad as maybe yours. Don’t worry these 12 ways are definitely going to remove the bitterness of your loneliness-


1. Read books

Sometimes when things are beyond control, it is always a great idea to pick up a good book and escape to another world for a little. Books have the power to help people to manage their anxiety and loneliness and books too can help you and your loved ones better understand mental illness.


2. Watch an inspiring movie or a comedy show

Watching an inspiring movie not only kills the boredom but it also boosts positivity in you. If you are not in the mood to watch inspiring movies or confidence booster shows, try to watch suspense movies that have some kind of mystery in their storyline. The suspense keeps engaged in your mind and you associate yourself with the characters and don’t feel that you are alone. Laughing a little more on the comedy shows and movies can really make you feel better, you can try it too.


3. Play with pets
It is a known fact now that interaction with animals can surely benefit your mental health and overall quality of life. So whenever you feel lonely start playing with your dog cat etc. If you don’t have a pet go to any animal shelter and spend some time there, trust us you will never ever feel that you are alone.


4. Have an online chat

You can visit some online forums and find people who are experiencing the same, by chatting with them you may evaluate your problems and may find new ways to tackle your problem by their experiences. Chatting anonymously to people and knowing that there are some other people going through the same mental struggle, gives satisfaction and strength.


5. Share with your friend and family
We understand that it is always not easy to talk and share our problem with your family and friends, because you don’t want to bother them but keep in mind that if you share your struggles it would be a huge accomplishment. You don’t need to discuss your problem with the whole family or the circle of your friends all you need to do just discuss with them who trust you; they will not resent you for that.


6. Go with your hobbies

Hobbies like singing, writing, dancing, cooking are great because hobbies allow you to escape from your current struggles and invert yourself to other characters and conditions. It gives you pleasure and at the same time, any hobby of yours converts your loneliness into creativity.


7. Look for a therapist on Beserene and maybe even consider making an appointment
Seeking out therapy and help from an expert may be overwhelming and intimidating, but just having someone to discuss and having solutions can really help you and you can learn more about yourself and all about your mental health.


8. Read blogs containing articles related to mental health
Reading or watching articles that explain perfectly each and every detail like the variety of thoughts, emotions, conditions, and situations you might be dealing with every day can be extremely relieving and relaxing.


9. Read the personal experiences of the people on online platforms
It is a fact that in India and other parts of the globe too, there are many people who don’t want to talk personally about their mental health struggles. But many of them talk and chat openly and seek help through online platforms by not relieving their identity. It gives incredible boosting power to people too, by knowing that they are not alone in this situation. Try to find out such platform and discuss your problems, by reading so many people’s struggling stories you will get benefited.


10. Make a list of your Positives
The best thing to avoid loneliness is, to start counting your strengths or start writing all your plus points in a diary each and every time you feel anxious or depressed. And tack the list of your achievements, your winning moments on your fridge, or on your desktop, a place where it will be always in your sight. You may create a wallpaper of your happy moments and save that in your mobile phone. When you are feeling your worst, look at your list of positives and remember that negatives are momentary.


11. Be busy
It has been seen and many researchers told that people suffering from loneliness are also highly creative but they need a little push. Everyone has some creative skills but if you think you don’t have any, don’t worry, try to find a creative person, platform or outlet where you can learn any creativity of your choice. It can be writing, drawing, gaming, painting, cooking, singing, dancing and many more ways to unleash your creativity. When you engage yourself in a creative activity it reduces your stress and improves your mood.


12. Give your hand in helping hands
If all the above ways are not working and you still feeling low and alone or you are worried about your safety, you can check yourself with a doctor. Doctors can ensure your safety and under their supervision, you can focus on your mental health. Remember seeking help makes you strong, not weak.

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