30 Important Mental Health Tips You Should Try Right Now

Mental Health Tips

We are going to tell you 30 best mental health tips here and please note that these all tips are not from the medical experts but from the people who were struggling with some mental problems and achieved good mental health.

1. ‘Not OK’ is OK
Life has ups and downs, so it is ok to accept some not ok things. Don’t feel guilty if something gone not well, permit yourself to accept that it happens, you can’t be on the top of the world each and every time.

2. Think but not ‘overthink ‘
No one has full control over all the things If after all of your actions something is not going in your favor leave it on the time. Is your overthinking going to change the result? No need to think the answer to this question too.

3. No to self-hate
The habit of self-hate is like kicking a football in own net. We often criticize or dismiss ourselves without realizing how it impacts on us. Always watch your words, mind your thoughts when you talking about your own personality. Never ever talk or think negatively about your body, strength, or worth. By saying no to these negative voices, you start to feel yourself growing stronger.

4. Give your five senses a high five
Whenever you feel that a panic attack is coming on you, use your five senses to do a countdown like this-
start noticing five things around you.
start to feel four things by touching
focus on listening to the sound s of three different things
try to smell two things around you and
try to taste one thing
It will really help you to get back to reality and stay present.

5. Be busy Be creative
It has been seen and many researchers told that people suffering from anxiety and depression are also highly creative but they need a little push. Everyone has some creative skills but if you think you don’t have any, don’t worry, try to find a creative person, platform or outlet where you can learn any creativity of your choice. It can be writing, drawing, gaming, painting, cooking, singing, dancing and many more ways to unleash your creativity.
When you engage yourself in a creative activity it reduces your stress and improves your mood.
The key to reducing symptoms of anxiety and depression is to keep your mind busy with something creative.

6. Seeking help makes you strong
Believe our mental health issues are not really that bad that it seems, they affected how and when you seek medical help. no matter how mild or how severe, your symptoms matters and it deserves to get treated by an expert. Doctors can ensure your safety and under their supervision, you can focus on your mental health. Remember seeking help makes you strong, not weak.

7. You are not mental
Don’t feel ashamed or guilty to talk about your mental health. It is just like other medical problems nothing more. People with diabetes need to see a diabetic expert so if anyone has any issue related to mental health, one will have to see a psychiatrist. Simple!

8. Complete the course
One of the biggest reasons why medical health issue does not gets fully treated is people left their medical courses in the middle. Taking your medicines on time and completing your full course will always be helpful.

9. Track your day and record data of everyday
Track all the activities of your day and record the data of each day’s sleep, food, mood, sexual activity, medications, physical and mental complaints, and other significant events.
It will help you to see connections between your mental state and other variables in your life, which lets you, make choices that are better for your mental health or identify the impact of changes.

10. Work to be happy, not perfect
If you want to be mentally healthy stick to this mantra Strive for happiness, not for perfection.
Being perfectionist is a good thing but if perfection is killing your happiness, choose happiness over perfection.

11. Accept the wrong but don’t blame yourself
If something went wrong or not as gone as it was planned, admit that wrong and try to fix it with the help of others. Don’t take it on your ego, try to be flexible.

12. Set Long-Term Goals, fill the negative holes
We understand that stress and anxiety can destroy the momentum and ruin motivation too. To conquer these mental health disorders set a long term goal and divide it into small parts. Well, it might seem a fool’s talk to giving this advice on this worst time but it is a wise decision to take on a huge project. It will occupy your mind and there will be no space for the negative thoughts and get you to the bright side of life. This is the time to think and start those things you wanted to do all your life. Set a goal it can be a new hobby or pursuing a new career or a new skill.

13. Be thankful
Always try to express your gratitude towards what you have rather than complain about what you have not got. No one may feel a hundred percent negative when one makes note of everything grateful for one. Even if one cannot think of much, the act of looking makes one feel better.

14. Don’t judge yourself
We always keep thinking about what people think about us and we start to judge ourselves. Remember you are not a filmstar, no one is ever thinking about you as much you believe they are. Everyone is too busy worrying about their problems. Take care of you but not that ‘you’, made by perceptions by others.

15. Mark your Positives
The best thing to control anxiety and depression is to start counting your strengths or start writing all your plus points in a diary each and every time you feel anxious or depressed. And tack the list of your achievements, your winning moments on your fridge, or on your desktop, a place where it will be always in your sight. When you are feeling your worst, look at your list of positives and remember that negatives are momentary.

16. Tickle your funny bone
Don’t always be in-home, plan regular hangouts with some funny friends, watch any comedy movies, or check out funny videos online. Laughter helps reduce mental illness.

17. Don’t forget to reward Yourself
It may sound a childish thing to you but try to develop the habit of rewarding yourself. Whenever and whatever you achieve something big or small, reward yourself. By doing this you sent a message to your mind that you are happy and mind registered this trend of you and it starts to push you to achieve more. It is a way of self-motivation and trusts us it works as an addiction in a positive way.
After completing any goal you can reward yourself by giving any favorite food or a short vacation.

18. Not all roads lead to Rome
You must know and understand that not any specific treatment or the same medication is suitable for all. Mental healthcare does not come with one-size-fits-all. So be aware of the side effects of medicines and do not take any health advice over a counter.

19. You need help and let people help you
Some people may know you some may not understand you but the ones who know you understand you and love you too. They will try to help you as per their strength. All you need to do is just trust them and rely on your bond with them; remember you don’t and you can’t have to handle it all alone.

20. Tell them the way you want help
As we said in the previous point that people will try to help you as per their strength and their comfort may not mean as much as you want or the way they are trying to help you that may not suit you. In that condition, you have to tell them what you want and how you want. You have to guide them but politely.

21. Identify who is the shooter
Every person is different so the triggers of anxiety and depression are different too; try to identify the words, actions, peoples, emotions, and situations that trigger your anxiety. By recognizing your specific trigger, either you will be able to avoid it or you prepare for it in advance.
You may try to identify the triggers of anxiety and depression in your own ways but it will be better to contact a professional therapist or an expert for it.

22. Have you seen the movie Ghazni?
Well here we are not going to tell you to keep forgetting things like the character played by Amir Khan in the movie Ghazni but here we are telling you a tip that is full of fun yet fully effective.
When you feel low, write all your insecurities and the problems you can remember in a washable marker on the whole body and take a shower to wash them away. It will give you a lot of relaxation just try it once.

23. Use Beserene app
you can order a pizza through and the app then why not you use an app for improvement of your mental health? And there is no surprise that it is much easier than ordering a pizza.
Try to use the app ‘Beserene’, it will guide you like an expert.

24. No means NO
Never ever try to always be in good books of others, if something is bothering you or you are not comfortable with anything to learn to say clear NO without thinking what others will think.

25. You are not in the center of the universe
If unknowingly, you have said something wrong in a social situation or when you little mess up at work, it’s ok, no one cares, the world is not going to destroy because of your one mistake.
On this giant earth with billions of people, you are just a single person, not a prime minister so don’t
overthink and make a small mistake to spoil your health.

26. Life has curves
Always remember that it is not possible for everyone to be always happy, everyone at some point in his life has downs, so don’t wish for an always sunshine in life, because sunshine all the time makes a desert.

27. Practice forgiveness
Don’t try to forget what people have done wrong with you but always try to forgive them because
when you forgive your mind delete them and you have better mental health and more satisfied with your life.

28. Smile is the best ornament to wear
You may have good mental health by just keeping a smile on your face. Your mind releases happy hormones even when you smile forcefully but after some time you start getting the happiness from inside. It works vice- versa.

29. Don’t hesitate to Meditate
This is perhaps the best exercise to control anxiety, depression, stress, negative thoughts and negative emotions. By meditating you not only can pull yourself out of the physical world and its bad impact but also control your own thoughts too. Remember Rome was not built in a day so don’t expect one day result of meditation. It has been said that the best time to meditate is the morning but it can be difficult to schedule mediation in the hasty mornings of today’s life, so you start practicing meditation right before going to bed. It will heal the stress of the whole day and you will get a sound sleep too.

30. Say Yo to Yoga and Pranayam
From ancient time to the modern world, Yoga and Pranayam are being beneficial to both one who diagnosed with mental health disorders and who suffer from depression and anxiety.
If you develop to practice yoga and pranayama on a regular basis, you will not only overcome with your depression and anxiety but it will also improve your memory. Yoga and meditation, two exercises are not only reducing the chances of being mentally unfit but also strengthen their physical ability.