4 Tips that will show you the way to win even by losing


“Do not stop if you face defeats, you can enjoy the spring season only after walking on the thrones and dry leaves.” These are sentiments of a popular song by a famous Indian singer Kishore Kumar. As brought in this song, life also teaches us that we win only after many defeats. But it is also true that when you lose, you are so broken that there is no appetite or courage left for Motivation. But this is also the time when you are getting stronger and gearing up for the next attempt.
Our mind and body manifest many symptoms of despair such as tears, loss of peace of the mind, etc. but inside, it also recharges us, which we do not even know at the time of our defeat because our mind is completely lost from the miseries of defeat. Here we are going to tell you 4 tips based on the tendency of your mind and body which never lose. And you just have to change your attitude and some of your habits and behaviour so you never consider yourself defeated but will always focus on the way towards winning.

1. Accepting Defeat –
As long as you do not accept your defeat and all the feelings associated with it, you will not be able to forget and move on. Instead time and again you will remember it and will get distracted. So, if you are disappointed in you then accept and say “Yes, I am disappointed.” If you are frustrated then say “Yes, I am frustrated.”
By doing this, you are not suppressing your feelings, rather you are taking them out forever and you will realize that you are feeling lighter and better. Also, by accepting defeat, your mind starts making new strategies on how to win next time. So, if you want to win, then accept your previous defeats and let them go out from your mind. Then you will see that you are feeling defeated but able to stand again to win.

2. A bunch of loses can become a winning garland –
Many times it happens that you do not succeed in a single effort or attempt. At times, it also happens that you do not get success even after making several attempts. But this does not mean that you will always lose or would never win.
There are thousands of examples in history where people tasted victory after losing several battles. There are examples of numerous people who were defeated, were humiliated but they came out victorious one day and gave a befitting reply to everyone who laughed or humiliated them.
You just have to pay attention to your passion. Despite constantly losing, you maintain your winning passion, and one day you will be successful. All the successful people we see today have also gone through this phase. The series of defeats is just a bad phase and it doesn’t define your whole life. So accept your defeat whenever you lose and one day you will be the one who will wear the garland of victory.

3. Learn from defeat and win-
You lost no problem. You do not know the reasons for your defeat, because you think you had worked hard and you did not lose focus in any area and that is also true. But it is also true that every defeat teaches us something or the other. Everyone will say to you that you should try to find your mistake but we will say that you should try to find out why the winner won. When you find the reasons for his victory, you will know that in which field you put less effort. One more thing to remember is that courage, hard work, and focus all are important in winning but along with these, you should also know that technique which plays an important role in winning. It is also necessary to know the correct timing as despite having everything at the right place if the timing is not right, we might have to face defeat. So, in the process of learning from each of your defeats, you need to keep the points mentioned above in mind. If you had missed any point, just focus on it to prevent yourself from making any mistake and victory will be yours.

4. Follow Small Steps Rule-
You must remember the story of turtle and rabbit. Keep in mind that that the winning turtle does not jump but reaches by crawling. That is why you need to divide your goal into smaller sections. Then instead of doing all the work together, work step by step. Small successes build confidence and lay the foundation for big and decisive victories. Remember that the ladder to the roof is made by small steps.
If you make such strategies, no one can stop you from winning. Just change your outlook and belief from thinking that “I lost” to “earlier I could not win but now I will win for sure.”