5 Amazing Benefits of Having a Routine


We are all aware that we need a routine to have a structured and disciplined life. It does not only make us prepared for the next moment or day but also improves our wellbeing. Having a structured routine where you are eating on time, sleeping on time, waking up at the same time, and exercising bring tremendous changes in life along with some amazing health benefits.

When we adults do not have any idea after waking up as to what we need to do next, make us anxious and de-motivated. We are just going through the day. As a result, it becomes hard to achieve our goals without any plans and we are never able to reach our true potential. To counter this, we have to have a carefully designed routine for ourselves that can be made by taking out an hour and start making a routine for a week first. You will see how sorted your life will be.

And to motivate you to take the first step, today we are going to tell you about the benefits of following a routine.

  1. Efficiency – When we have a routine, it makes us more efficient in completing the tasks we have planned for the day. We feel more sorted because we don’t need to make decisions every moment as to what shall be done next. Routine gives us a sense of control and autonomy in life. It saves our time from thinking too much about “what’s next?” When activities of the day become standardized, we become more efficient.
  2. Reduce Stress –When we have a routine and we know what needs to be done, how to get that task done and why we are doing that, it takes a lot of burden from our shoulders. For example, brushing our teeth doesn’t feel like a task because it has become our habit. It happened because we made a “routine” of brushing our teeth in the morning every day. Now, when you wake up, you don’t get stressed about brushing your teeth. Similarly, when we make a routine of other tasks like sleep timings, eating habits and exercising, slowly they’ll become our habit and when we are habitual to something that is also healthy, it doesn’t give us stress. We don’t feel overwhelmed.
  3. Get Rid of Bad Habits – When we sit and make yr routine mindfully, we add more and more healthy tasks and activities to feel more productive and motivated. When most of our time is being dedicated to healthy habits, there remains less and less time for bad habits. Slowly, as you stick to the healthy routine, you will remove the bad habits from it. This repetition and conscious effort will help you eradicate bad habits which do not serve any good to us.
  4. Prioritization –When we make a routine for ourselves, we identify the more important tasks. This prioritization of tasks gives us direction and we know what needs to be done first. Now, if you feel that you need to give priority to your health, you will incorporate meditation and exercise in your daily routine.
  5. No More Procrastination – When we have a set routine and we have become habitual to some activities, there are fewer chances of procrastination. Firstly because we have a routine and structure to follow and secondly we have understood the importance of doing that task and thirdly, it has become ingrained in our subconscious mind that we feel incomplete without performing it. So, we are all set to do things on time.

Right now you must be thinking that you don’t have time for all this stuff but we assure you that once you sit, do some soul-searching and careful introspection, you will be able to get time for everything that needs to be done for a healthy life.

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