5 Tips That Help in Building A Strong Relationship


We are someone’s brother or sister, parent or child, husband or wife, friend or colleague. We play many roles in a single life. That has created a natural tendency in us where we change ourselves as per the need which includes the personality of the person we are talking to, their attitudes and our relationship with them. But there are some elements which remain the same whether you are talking to your boss or your child. These elements will help you build a cordial, strong and sustainable relationship with anyone. These elements will help you create positive and productive relationships.

These are:

  1. Trust – Trust is the most delicate element but the most powerful one also. It takes a lot of time to build or gain trust but once it is created, you can expect something good in the relationship. Some people say that this is the foundation of any relationship. Maybe they are right because once the trust is broken (which the easiest thing in the world), the same level of trust is hard to achieve. It is a two-way process and requires effort from both the parties involved. You can expect someone to trust you forcefully. It takes time. And without it, the relationship suffers.
  2. Respect – Respect is when you give due regard to someone’s feelings, thoughts, emotions, qualities, traits etc. It is a positive feeling towards someone you admire for their qualities. It is also a mutual process like trust in terms of having a positive relationship. When the parties involved, respect each other, they are nurturing their relationship with high regard and admiration. They are mindful of each others’ feelings, thoughts and emotions. And they focus on their self-respect as well.
  3. Communication – When we look at people who have lost trust and respect and positivity in their relationships, the main cause behind the same is related to communication. It could be due to a lack of communication or miscommunication. Thus, communication becomes another important factor in any relationship. It is really crucial to talk and share what you feel and think with the other person in a respectful and timely manner. Sometimes, you don’t need words to communicate; you can convey your true feelings through non-verbal techniques to show how you feel. But do remember that you need to share and create an open line of communication with each other if you want a healthy and strong relationship.
  4. Empathy – To have someone who understands and listen to you without any judgment feels like you have won the world. Empathy is another aspect that helps in building trust, respect and gives you a sense of security that the other person will understand you. It builds a connection between people. When you have someone who knows your inner state and perceives your feelings as if he is feeling the same you develop trust for that person and start respecting him. You are ready to communicate your desires, needs, thoughts, emotions and feelings. This helps in building a strong relationship between people.
  5. Accept the Differences – We all are different. This is because we have different experiences, life, ideas, parenting, feelings and thoughts. When we are aware that each individual is different and accept this fact, the relationship between two people become strong. Respecting each other’s difference might seem non-significant but has a huge impact if not given attention. Because then you are expecting people to change or behave according to you. This is not possible and not appreciated. You need to become mindful of others’ habits, behaviours, thoughts and feelings and be respectful towards the. This will surely help you in having a positive relationship with that person.

These 5 tips are not the only tips that help in building a strong relationship but they will surely help you if you start with them.

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