6 Common Triggers of Teen Stress


Gone are the days when teenagers were supposed to be carefree. They didn’t have much pressure in those days. Today in the world of competition teenagers are seen suffering from mental stress and anxiety. Parents should know about these things. Here are given below some common stress which hit teenagers nowadays.

School is a place of learning. But surprisingly it is turning out to be a place of stress for some teenagers. They are struggling to meet out the expectations of their teachers. Their syllabus, homework, load of books, fear of failures generate pressure on teenagers resulting in a debilitating stress in them. The competition level in schools is very high. No child wants to lag behind.

The teenagers are under constant pressure to perform well in exams. They are often reminded by their parents and teachers that if they do not get good marks in exams their future will be spoiled. Their career depends on the marks obtained in exams. This lead them to exam stress. Such symptoms as depression, anxiety, panic attacks, vomit are seen commonly with teenage children suffering from exam stress.

3.Peer pressure
Such pressures as making friends, having a secured image among their friends, making a good impression on classmates generate peer pressure among teenagers. Besides some of them struggle through so many difficulties like lack of good looks, smartness, intelligence, which makes them feel low in a group. All these things put peer pressure on them.

Parents should keep a watch over their teenage children. If a teenage child is not willing to go to school, pretends to be ill at the time of going to school, having unexplained injuries, often losing his belongings, facing loss of appetite and sleep, keeps on staring in space, these are the signs that the child is being bullied by the seniors or any other dominating group. Talk to them politely and affectionately about it. They won’t open up soon, but soon they would collapse.

5.Family difficulty
Relationship between family members plays a measure role in building the character and temperament of a teenaged child. Constantly fighting parents, change of home, distancing from his loved relatives like grandparents or uncle/aunt can generate stress in teenaged child. The child may feel lonely and not be able to share his melancholy with anyone. He may feel suffocating and stressed.

It can be a matter of surprise but it is a truth that today even teenaged children have love relation issue. This is the age when they start to get attracted to the opposite gender. Rejection, jealousy, feeling of loser may overpower them. Even distancing from a loving friend can also push them in depression and stress. This age is a very tender stage of life. They easily get hooked up and go through emotional setbacks. They depend emotionally on their friends.

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