8 Mental Health Exercises to Reduce Anxiety and Depression.

Mental Health Exercises

One who has never experienced any issue related to mental health like depression, anxiety may not understand how crippling these situations can be. Depression and anxiety can happen to anyone- couple next door experiencing postpartum depression, successful business person experiencing panic attacks, the office going guy with anxiety due to overwork, the lover suffering grief from the loss of his love, the list goes on and on, because problems associated with mental health can happen to anyone and can often feels like they come out of nowhere. We may not identify a root cause of the situations said above but we certainly have some exercises that can reduce anxiety and depression-

1. Mark your Positives –

The best thing to control anxiety and depression is to start counting your strengths or start writing all your plus points in a diary each and every time you feel anxious or depressed. And tack the list of your achievements, your winning moments on your fridge or on your desktop, a place where it will be always in your sight. You may create a wallpaper of your happy moments and save that in your mobile phone. When you are feeling your worst, look at your list of positives and remember that negatives are momentary.

2. Never say yes to Self-Hate

The habit of self hating is like kicking football in own net.  We often criticise or dismiss ourselves without realising how it impacts on us. Quitting this habit is a critical part of the reducing process of depression. Always watch your words, mind your thoughts when you talking of your personality. Never ever talk or think negative about your body, strength or worth. By saying no to these negative voices, you start to feel yourself growing stronger.

3. Set Long-Term Goals, fill the negative holes

We understand that stress and anxiety can destroy the momentum and ruin motivation too.  To conquer these mental health disorders set a long term goal and divide it into small parts.  Well it might seem a fool’s talk to giving this advice on this worst time but it is a wise decision to take on a huge project. It will occupy your mind and there will be no space for the negative thoughts and get you to the bright side of life.  This is the time to think and start those things you wanted to do all your life. Set a goal it can be a new hobby or pursuing a new career or a new skill.

4. Identify who is shooting

Every person is different so the triggers of anxiety and depression are different too; try to identify the words, actions, peoples, emotions and situations that trigger your anxiety. By recognizing your specific trigger, either you will be able to avoid it or you prepare for it in advance.
You may try to identify the triggers of anxiety and depression by your own ways but it will be better to contact a professional therapist or an expert for it.

5. Dont hesitate to Meditate

This is perhaps the best exercise to control anxiety, depression, stress, negative thoughts and negative emotions. By meditating you not only can pull yourself out of the physical world and its bad impact but also control your own thoughts too. Remember Rome was not built in a day so don’t expect one day result of meditation.  It has been said that the best time to meditate is the morning but it can be difficult to schedule mediation in the hasty mornings of today’s life, so you start practicing meditation right before going to bed. It will heal the stress of the whole day and you will get a sound sleep too.

6. Say Yo to Yoga and Pranayam

From the ancient time to modern world Yoga and Pranayam are being beneficial to both one who diagnosed with mental health disorders and who suffer from depression and anxiety.
If you develop to practise yoga and pranayam on a regular basis, you will not only overcome with your depression and anxiety but it will also improve your memory. Yoga and meditation, two exercises are not only reducing the chances of being mentally unfit but also strengthen the physical ability.

7. Dont forget to reward Yourself

It may sound a childish thing to you but try to develop the habit of rewarding yourself. Whenever and whatever you achieve something big or small, reward yourself. By doing this you sent message to your mind that you are happy and mind registered this trend of you and it start to push you achieving more. It is a way of self motivation and trust us it works like an addiction in a positive way.
After completing any goal you can reward yourself by giving any favourite food or a short vacation.

8. Be busy Be creative-

It has been seen and many researchers told that people suffering with anxiety and depression are also highly creative but they need a little push. Everyone has some creative skills but if you think you don’t have any, don’t worry, try to find a creative person, platform or outlet where you can learn any creativity of your choice. It can be writing, drawing, gaming, painting, cooking, singing, dancing and many more ways to unleash your creativity.
When you engage yourself in a creative activity it reduces your stress and improves your mood.
The key to reducing symptoms of anxiety and depression is to keep your mind busy with something creative.

These eight daily mental health exercises can definitely reduce anxiety and depression symptoms and help you establish a sound life but if you are not succeeding, it has been said always seek the advice of a professional or a physician for supervised treatment options.

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