Are you stuck with your personality, or can you change it?


In a survey about personality traits, more than 85 per cent people told that they would like to be more extroverts, less emotional or emotionally stable, open-minded, honest and forgiving. Generally, all of us are not satisfied with the personal traits we possess. We always want to be like some other person.

The question is – are we stuck with our personality? Is it possible to change it? If yes, how?

Luckily good news is there that researches that answer above questions in affirmation. Yes if you feel you are stuck with a personality, you can change it, if you really wish. The process may take time, it may seem to be slow, but changes take place for sure. The personalities are not necessarily carved in stone, they can be moulded anytime.

Personality change occurs at different stages of life like childhood, adolescence, adulthood, job, marriage, children, big achievement or a heart-stirring incident or failure. It is supposed that when personality changes in adulthood, it tends to change for the better. The changes in childhood and adolescence are a bit temporary and may lead a person towards a worse state.

Consistency in traits or habits doesn’t mean that personalities never change. Traits are formed by habits. If habits are changed forcefully, changes in traits are imminent for sure. Psychologists believe that personality is “set like plaster” by the age of 30, before that it may have unstable changes.

Changes in adulthood tend to change for the better. It is obvious that with growing age, people become more confident and responsible. They do not decide in haste. They are less prone to foolishness.  The most dramatic personality changes always occur by adolescence or young adulthood.

It is the age when a person may take a risk without any second thought.  Conscientiousness, warmth, openness, gentleness and agreeableness tend to increase only after that period is over. People have accepted that they have satisfaction after making personality changes.

Major life events prompt personality change automatically. Adults are likely to adopt a change in identity when they enter different stages of life and take on age-based roles like entering a career, getting married, or starting a family. These are life-changing incidents, which leave a great impact on one’s personality.

But what if you want to change your personality forcefully? Is it possible or does it have any side effects? Can you be a change in personality growth?

Fortunately, researches point to ‘yes’. Changes may seem to come slow and difficult. But if followed constantly there come positive results. For example, a person hesitates in speaking in public. But if he determines to overcome this negative aspect of his personality by practising speech more and more, he is likely to bring forth a drastic change.

Sometimes we are limited by our physical traits, our body limitations; there it becomes hard to make a huge difference. Sometimes we mentally feel that we are stuck in our present personality that can never be changed.

In those cases, more efforts are needed to exercise. Changes come there is no doubt about it. Just have patience and never give up.


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