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How to Identify Stress Triggers

We all face certain situations which make our heartbeat go faster, leave our forehead sweating. Pile of files on your table or a demanding boss or a shrieking spouse or complaining children, or a barking dog or some noise coming from neighbourhood, we can’t exactly know what triggers our stress. If we identify our stress […]


6 Common Triggers of Teen Stress

Gone are the days when teenagers were supposed to be carefree. They didn’t have much pressure in those days. Today in the world of competition teenagers are seen suffering from mental stress and anxiety. Parents should know about these things. Here are given below some common stress which hit teenagers nowadays. 1.School School is a […]


10 Ways to Manage Your Fears

Insecurities beget an unknown fear. Most of us are suffering through some kind of fears and the main thing is that we don’t know about it. If you face anxiety and some fear in day to day life, here are some measures which can be taken to deal with it: 1. Be ready to face […]

What Are Dissociation and Dissociative disorders - Symptoms and causes_

Dissociation and Dissociative Disorders – Symptoms and Causes

The expression “Dissociation disorder” is utilized when an individual builds up an unseemly mental procedure; in this procedure, an individual gradually detaches from his/her considerations, sentiments, recollections or feeling of his/her very own character. It additionally incorporates dissociative amnesia, dissociative character disorder, depersonalization disorder, and dissociative fugue. We will discuss these ranges of dissociation disorders […]

How to recover faster from Stress

How to Recover Faster from Stress?

Stress is the usual response to difficult situations. We often puzzle it as some form of mental pressure caused due to our own inability to deal with things. But that’s not what it is. Stress is not an action, it’s a reaction. Stress is our reaction to various external factors and we can reduce it […]

Social Anxiety Disorder

Anxiety Disorder And Five Types of It

Anxiety is a reaction to stress. It alerts us to dangers and helps us to get ready and be attentive. However, if the feeling of worry and fear is overwhelming without any major reason or the anxiety persists even after the stimulus that has caused it has been subsided, then it can be termed as […]

Social anxiety and cause of it

Social Anxiety and Its Causes

Social anxiety seems to be something simple, but can actually become debilitating for the one who is experiencing it. Associated behaviours include fear of being judged, worrying about upcoming social events, behaviours, performances that may be weeks away, avoidance of social situations and not wanting others to know about this issue due to the fear […]


What is Anger And How to Deal With It?

Anger is just an emotion like happiness, sadness, disgust, etc. Thus, it is completely normal to feel angry because these emotions are important for survival. The problem occurs when anger or any other emotion starts controlling us as then they lead to problems and issues at the workplace or in personal life.   Controlling anger […]


Benefits of Practicing Yoga Exercises Daily

  Yoga is the earliest and holistic system for physical, mental and spiritual well-being in the world. This system includes lifestyle exercises to help a person to understand his or her uniqueness and relation to humanity. It is a whole lifestyle system that includes breathing practices, exercises, meditation, and a balanced diet. Yoga practices (asana) […]