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Postpartum depression – Symptoms and causes

The birth of a baby is usually an eagerly awaited and joyful event and a milestone in the life of a family. Many women are surprised, then, when this joyful event is followed by sadness, mood swings, and anhedonia.  Postpartum depression is a severe form of depression that is direct related to pregnancy and childbirth. This response should […]

fear of judgment

How do I get over the fear of judgement?

If there is someone who says that he is not affected by the opinion of others, he may be partially true, but this can never be a complete truth. No person in the world is there who doesn’t care for the judgement of others about himself. All of us have a tendency to get affected […]


What is the best way to have a spiritual awakening?

Often it is seen either a person is born with an inclination towards spiritual journey or he becomes interested in it after a traumatic experience in life.  Whatever be the reason the subsequent “spiritual awakening” that we pursue seems to promise to take an exotic place or a realm of bliss. It is supposed that […]


How do I get motivated every single day?

What does motivation mean in your life? Is it so when you have no motivation, you struggle and find it difficult to leave your bed? Is it so that motivation is the only fuel which keeps you busy all day, helps you to plan your day? If yes, then admit it that motivation is elusive […]


How do you meditate if you don’t have time?

Think about it, is it only meditation for which you are not finding the time or there are some other interests too like walking, chatting, spending time in net surfing, watching movies etc? There is a great saying” Where there is a will, there is a way” It says all. The thing is if you […]


What do you do when you are severely stressed?

Lots of people are there who have battled severe anxiety and stress since a long the time. Sometimes this anxiety becomes so severe that they suffer from shortness of breath, they start sweating, they loses even in simple day to day activities, like studying, going somewhere, working in office etc. How long this anxiety attack […]


How can I make myself better each day?

If you want to improve yourself, it means you are not satisfied with your present condition. At what level you are is known to you only. If a struggler or unsuccessful person wants to improve himself, he would be given tons of pieces of advice so that he can attain heights in everything. But if […]