Life is a race and we must keep on running.

Life is a race and we must keep on running. No matter what, but we cannot stop and keep looking back, especially when we are new in this race. Initially, we are not aware of our capabilities, qualities, and skills. We are not aware of what life will throw at us. That is why it is important to go through the manual of this life while undertaking the tasks it has given to us.

We at Stay Blessed, have come up with a preface in the form of an App BeRapid, which will help you to learn what has been given in the App BeSerene in just a few days. BeRapid will help you get an idea of what challenges life can throw at us and how to deal with them. It makes you think, reflect, and learn what BeSerene will teach you in a habit-forming manner.

We believe knowledge can be gained through experience and experience can be gained in a few hours or days if given opportunity and resources. This is the need of the hour. So why not take advantage of this opportunity to learn how to deal with stress by gaining knowledge and experience at such a fast pace.

Explore the world of wellness and get a chance to take a sneak peek at BeSerene as well.

Advantage BeRapid

Increase Awareness

BeRapid is the compact version of the BeSerene which makes you aware of the stress and issues related to it along with their symptoms, causes and management techniques. It focuses more on the awareness part.

Fast Paced

BeRapid is a fast-paced version of BeSerene. It helps a user to understand and become aware of the stress and its constituents such as anger, anxiety, depression, fear, relationship issues, and sleep issues in a few days.

Cost Effective

BeRapid comes bundled with BeSerene and hence is cost-effective as the user will get the benefits of both after paying only for one.

It may be noted that BeRapid needs to be completed first and same user ID and Password will work for your BeSerene.

BeRapid Features

Reflection Activities

Highly interactive and informative videos that make you contemplate on life.


Questionnaires to screen the levels of Anxiety and Stress for better understanding.

Healthy Lifestyle

Activities such as Yoga, Mudra, Meditation, Light exercises, Pranayama to improve physical and mental health.