Mind Training Solution to Develop Resilience towards Stress

We live in a world where stress is omnipresent. And, sadly, we have come to accept it as a part of our daily existence. Hence, the continual search for ‘work-life balance’.
However, there is more to stress management than just work or just life.
We believe that every individual is born with certain traits like intelligence, responsiveness, empathy, cunningness, etc. Further, social learning from family, friends, school, books, and media – influence our manners and habits over time. These can have a positive or negative impact on our character and personality. These effects further translate into the conditioning that accumulates in – and manifests into – the good and bad behaviour, style of living as well as root causes for various disorders.

BeSerene is an app based program that enables you to manage and contend with excessive stress levels, you are either currently facing, or may face some time in the future.

One major contributor to this high-level stress is our modern lifestyle: long working hours, being connected digitally 24 x 7, peer pressure, lack of ‘me’ and family time resulting in relationship issues, sleep disorder or deprivation, etc., all add up to increase our stress levels.

The BeSerene App delivers a revolutionary, unique and comprehensive program. It provides knowledge and awareness about vital stress-causing and stress-induced conditions such as anxiety, depressive tendencies, sleep issues, anger, fear, relationship issues and their management techniques.

Psychological and Spiritual

The BeSerene App provides you with an option to choose from two of the approaches, the Psychological and the Spiritual.

Psychological approach focuses on various aspects like Emotional, Cognitive, Behavioural and Psychosomatic to break any conditioning. The spiritual approach focuses on the overall well-being of a person.  The intent is to teach a lifestyle with self-imposed discipline, awareness and a purpose.

Yoga and meditation are an integral part of spirituality, but we advocate their practice in both of our approaches.


To have a long-lasting result, one needs to make this kind of learning a part of life. We propose you to train and address each one of the constituents of stress for a month. You are free to choose either a psychological approach or a spiritual approach where both support all other features such as Yoga and Meditation techniques.

There are a total of six courses to deal with six different constituents of stress. One must slowly imbibe the information, techniques and activities provided during the course in their everyday life for such period by spending 40 minutes every day.

Nuts and Bolts

One starts the course with a screening test that determines your current level of the concern such as anxiety, depressive tendencies etc. Next, your profile details and preferences are collected. Based on the inputs provided by you, the activities are assigned that match to your choice, interest and physical conditions. Lastly, you will be given an option to choose between different approaches.

Course work is divided into certain number of chapters, each of which consists of some modules. Each module consists of Activities (Yoga, Breathing & Light Exercises, Mudras and Meditations), Awareness, Illustrations and Reflections.

After completing each chapter, you will reach a milestone and will undergo a screening to determine your current level of improvement. Some stress variables are also examined at this stage.

The app’s tech platform offers a collection of vitals, symptom logging, remote call, and digital interaction with a spiritual guru or psychologist.  Further, there is an AI-based Chat-bot, dashboard and analytics-based recommendation engine for personalizing the course work. Collection of static, process and outcome data variables is supported to make the outcome measurable.

Positive Psychology

To motivate you to lead a healthy and flourishing life, BeSerene’s approach is based on the five elements of Positive Psychology developed by Martin Selingman which are:

1. Positive Emotions;
2. Engagement;
3. Relationships;
4. Meaning;
5. Accomplishments.

With these elements, BeSerene helps you in building your physical, mental, and social abilities. It improves your relationship with self and others, helps in finding the meaning and purpose of life, support in identifying the strengths and unique talents, and build a sense of hope to improve your overall wellbeing and make your life worth living.e.

Advantage BeSerene

Measurable Improvement

Throughout the program, your development is measured through various static, process and outcome variables. At the end of the program, a detailed report is shared that helps you to assess the improvement in your mental health as better mental health results in overall development.

Integrative Approach - Psychological and Spiritual

BeSerene provides you an option to choose from the Psychological and Spiritual approach. The psychological approach focuses on the emotional, cognitive, behavioural and psychosomatic aspects while the spiritual approach focuses on your overall well-being.

Preventive and Therapeutic

BeSerene guides you towards better health by educating about various stress constituents like anger, anxiety, depression, fear, relationship issues, and sleep issues. It also informs about the symptoms of these concerns, and introduces several techniques to manage them.

Comprehensive & Cost-Effective

Of all the available conventional and non-conventional solutions, BeSerene is one of the most comprehensive solutions that cover all the aspects of your mental well-being. It is also one of the most cost-effective solutions.

Foster Positivity

BeSerene provides 30+ free short courses on positive psychology that help improve your wellbeing and increase life satisfaction. The topics include hope, optimism, happiness, compassion, finding purpose, improving strengths and self-awareness, and many more. These topics are included to help you flourish and live your best life.

BeSerene Features

Mindful Therapy

The well-researched and highly engaging content is delivered in a manner to ensure mindful meditation.

Personalized Yoga and Meditation

Activities are assigned on the basis of your choice, interest and physical conditions.

Robust Tech Platform

The clinically tested program is delivered through a robust tech platform for smooth and seamless experience.

Data-Driven Approach

The app tracks numerous data points to monitor and stimulate your progress over various parameters.

Your Health Aide

If you’re struggling with depression or anxiety, BeSerene is the first & foremost health application to direct you to happiness.


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Happy beginning to the stress-free life!!!