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fear of judgment

How do I get over the fear of judgement?

If there is someone who says that he is not affected by the opinion of others, he may be partially true, but this can never be a complete truth. No person in the world is there who doesn’t care for the judgement of others about himself. All of us have a tendency to get affected […]


How to Recover from Fear

All of us have our own fears. Learning how to overcome fears can be challenging for everyone. Undoubtedly overcoming our fear is not easy. Point to be noted is that no one is born with any kind of fear. There are certain circumstances, past bad experiences, which lead someone to develop a particular fear. The […]


10 Ways to Manage Your Fears

Insecurities beget an unknown fear. Most of us are suffering through some kind of fears and the main thing is that we don’t know about it. If you face anxiety and some fear in day to day life, here are some measures which can be taken to deal with it: 1. Be ready to face […]

Causes of Fear

Fear And Its Causes

Fear plays a very vital part of our daily life as individuals and as a society. It comes in many forms and is usually described as an emotional response to unwanted past experiences, or an unpleasant feeling of perceived risk or danger. We all have fears and it keeps us stuck and sometimes freezes us. […]