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Benefits of Practicing Yoga Exercises Daily

  Yoga is the earliest and holistic system for physical, mental and spiritual well-being in the world. This system includes lifestyle exercises to help a person to understand his or her uniqueness and relation to humanity. It is a whole lifestyle system that includes breathing practices, exercises, meditation, and a balanced diet. Yoga practices (asana) […]

Causes of Fear

Fear And Its Causes

Fear plays a very vital part of our daily life as individuals and as a society. It comes in many forms and is usually described as an emotional response to unwanted past experiences, or an unpleasant feeling of perceived risk or danger. We all have fears and it keeps us stuck and sometimes freezes us. […]


What is Stress?

Stress is our mental, physical, and behavioural response to anxiety-producing events. A moderate level of stress is vital and useful — it’s a key element that allows you to deal positively with the emotional and physical confronts of life. Too much stress can result in serious physical, psychological, interpersonal, or performance problems. Stress or tension […]

What is yoga - beserene

Yoga and its types.

“Yoga” is a Sanskrit word which means unite. Yoga is characterized as a set of spiritual, mental & physical practices. It is one of the most ancient wisdom that started in India. It includes meditation, breathing techniques, and exercises that help to improve health and bring positivity in life. The yoga practices benefit people with […]

Value of Relationship

Value of Relationship

Nowadays culture is moving towards materialism due to which the significance of human relations is being reduced day by day. Selfishness is seen in all relations. Today not a soul pay respect and takes better care of the senior in the families, they have turn into a decorative thing in the houses. Materialism and pretentiousness […]


Simple and Amazing Ways to Sustain and Grow a Relationship

Your spouse is your reflection, and you’re a reflection of your spouse. That’s why it’s told that love lays the foundation of every relationship. However, it takes more than ‘love’ to keep a relationship going. We have witnessed many couples part their ways, who once seemed inseparable. It has been long argued that for a […]


How to Overcome Depression?

In the journey called life, we travel through different paths. Some are pleasurable, while some are sorrowful. While being sad and upset is a part of life, for some people, it’s an intense feeling that stays for a considerably long time. If it is not a regular mood swing or a momentary down feel. It […]


Anxiety and its Causes

Anxiety is an experience, it serves as a biological warning system that is activated by the danger, and it’s a reaction to a threat which is directed to the future. Causes of Anxiety The causes of anxiety aren’t found, but some of the common factors that may cause anxiety are: Tension of work Stress of […]