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How to recover faster from Anger?

How to recover faster from Anger?

To control the anger is pretty much tough task. Anger is like a dangerous weapon which not only harms the person who is violent and the person on whom the anger is poured on. Uncontrolled anger can ruin your health, your relationship, your mental balance, and whatnot. If you easily lose temper and repent afterward, […]


How to Recover from Fear

All of us have our own fears. Learning how to overcome fears can be challenging for everyone. Undoubtedly overcoming our fear is not easy. Point to be noted is that no one is born with any kind of fear. There are certain circumstances, past bad experiences, which lead someone to develop a particular fear. The […]

How to recover from stress

How to recover from stress

In today’s world, no one is free from stress. Children, adults, aged person all have their own stress. At one point or another, one can have the stress of finance, stress of aging, stress of loneliness, health concerns, marriage issues, worries related to a job, etc. You have to do so many things in so […]


How to Identify Stress Triggers

We all face certain situations which make our heartbeat go faster, leave our forehead sweating. Pile of files on your table or a demanding boss or a shrieking spouse or complaining children, or a barking dog or some noise coming from neighbourhood, we can’t exactly know what triggers our stress. If we identify our stress […]


6 Common Triggers of Teen Stress

Gone are the days when teenagers were supposed to be carefree. They didn’t have much pressure in those days. Today in the world of competition teenagers are seen suffering from mental stress and anxiety. Parents should know about these things. Here are given below some common stress which hit teenagers nowadays. 1.School School is a […]


10 Ways to Manage Your Fears

Insecurities beget an unknown fear. Most of us are suffering through some kind of fears and the main thing is that we don’t know about it. If you face anxiety and some fear in day to day life, here are some measures which can be taken to deal with it: 1. Be ready to face […]

How Do I Know If My Child Suffers from Anxiety

How Do I Know If My Child Suffers from Anxiety?

Today the world has grown into a competitive arena. Even children are not left out of it. It is hard to believe but researches show that even small children are going through the worsening effects of anxiety. The causes of anxiety in children are so many like a split in parents, study pressure, fear of […]

7 Ways Meditations Help In Relationship Issues We've All Had

7 Ways Meditations Help In Relationship Issues

How can meditation help in relationship issue be a matter of great wonder but this is true. Regular meditation works miracles in every relationship you are forming in society. Let’s see how it works.  Such factors as lack of attention, blame game, expectations, fear of loss, stress, external pressures, and financial problems play an important […]