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toxic relationship

How do you leave a toxic relationship?

By toxic relationship, we do not mean that only a romantic relationship can be toxic. Any relationship can be toxic, be it friends, colleagues, father-son, mother-in-law daughter-in-law. If there is someone who constantly creates a nuisance for you, tries to bring you down, the chances are that your relationship with him/her has fallen into the […]


How to know if you’re in a toxic friendship?

Relationship means strength, love, security, and care. If a relationship rather than bringing care, companionship and comfort to your life, it brings frustration, mental fatigue, exhaustion, involves abusing behaviour; it turns out to be a toxic relationship. Toxic friends suck your energy, they are generally hypocritical and they do not feel any sympathy for you and […]


What happens in the brain when you’re alone?

It may sound strange but this is true that loneliness may affect the brain. People don’t consider loneliness as a medical problem, as it doesn’t look like that but it can affect the body as well as the brain. Loneliness makes a person less sociable and disconnected from the outer world. This produces invisible and […]

Love yorself

Why is it so hard to love our bodies?

The slogan ‘love your body’ has come as a movement. Those humans are supposed to be happier who love their body. Self-love generates a kind of contentment that keeps you happy. It is a fact. If your body is naturally beautiful, you have lovely features, charming face so it becomes easy to love yourself. The […]

7 Ways Meditations Help In Relationship Issues We've All Had

7 Ways Meditations Help In Relationship Issues

How can meditation help in relationship issue be a matter of great wonder but this is true. Regular meditation works miracles in every relationship you are forming in society. Let’s see how it works.  Such factors as lack of attention, blame game, expectations, fear of loss, stress, external pressures, and financial problems play an important […]