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Our Kids- The Unsung Heroes of COVID-19

The best way to make children good is to make them happy.” — Oscar Wilde This sounds so simple, yet too difficult to implement nowadays. Isn’t’ it? This is because the whole world is getting affected by the spread of COVID-19 and the impact can be seen on children as well. It is not so […]


Help your employees

As a manager, you must be having tons of responsibilities. These responsibilities are not limited to planning and completing a project on time but also include taking care of your team members or employees and their  wellbeing. This is not a small or easy task. Just remember, when you are under stress, how you do […]


What do you do when you are severely stressed?

Lots of people are there who have battled severe anxiety and stress since a long the time. Sometimes this anxiety becomes so severe that they suffer from shortness of breath, they start sweating, they loses even in simple day to day activities, like studying, going somewhere, working in office etc. How long this anxiety attack […]

How to Identify Stress Triggers

How to Identify Stress Triggers?

We all face certain situations that make our heartbeat go faster, leave our forehead sweating. Pile of files on your table or a demanding boss or a shrieking spouse or complaining children, or a barking dog or some noise coming from neighborhood, we can’t exactly know what triggers our stress. We notice only our symptoms […]

How to recover from stress

How to recover from stress

In today’s world, no one is free from stress. Children, adults, aged person all have their own stress. At one point or another, one can have the stress of finance, stress of aging, stress of loneliness, health concerns, marriage issues, worries related to a job, etc. You have to do so many things in so […]