Change Your Beliefs. Change Your Reality.


A belief is a thought that something that exists whether in mind or physical form is true. These beliefs shape our life and the world around us. What we believe in becomes the reality of life. And due to this fact, it becomes the only source of our motivation, sadness, happiness, etc. So, this makes it clear that if we want to change our life due to any reason, we need to change our beliefs. Sound so simple. Isn’t it? We just need to change the way we perceive or interpret things around us. We just need to change the way we think. But in reality that is shaped by such beliefs is different. In reality, this may sound like a simple task but it’s not an easy one, though not impossible also.

First, let’s look at the process. So, when you try to change your beliefs, you have to go through a process where you need to condition your mind to think differently or maybe totally opposite to what you believe in now. For example, you believe that you cannot crack an exam because it’s too tough or out of your league. Till the time you don’t change that belief, you cannot succeed, because every time you try to study, this belief will keep on popping up and disrupt your rhythm. So what can be done in such a situation?

In such a scenario, you will start the process of changing your belief by saying/thinking that you will research about the topic, learn from the experts, talk to people who have knowledge of those subjects, and give it a try. Now, see, you changed your belief from that exam being “out of the league” to “I’ll give it a try”. This change in the way you think makes the difference.

Another point to keep in mind is that, when you start working on your beliefs, do not try to remove your older beliefs because that is going to take too long. And this long process might de-motivate you. What you need to do is take a wiser decision and invest your time and energy into forming new beliefs. Focus on replacing the older ones with the newer beliefs. This will save your energy and time. And will keep you motivated throughout the process.

Before you start this process of changing your beliefs to shape your reality, you must know about how these beliefs have an impact on you. You will be surprised to note that your beliefs not only affect your behaviour but also influence other people’s behaviour. Once your belief has been formed about a certain individual (could be a close person or a complete stranger), it not only changes your perspective but also change the way you behave with them. For example, if you are told that a certain person is confident and resourceful, even if you are talking over the phone, your tone of voice and way of communication will change in comparison to when you are told that the person on the other side of the call is not confident and resourceful.

In addition to that, your beliefs also affect your health. If your beliefs are negative, they will affect your physical and mental health and if you keep your thoughts positive by practicing gratitude, mindfulness, meditation, etc. you will notice a positive change in your reality as well.
Realize the power of your beliefs, change them and you can change your reality. Remember, when you form your own beliefs, you ultimately gain control of your destiny.

Stay Blessed!

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