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Anger is just an emotion like happiness, sadness, disgust etc. Thus, it is entirely reasonable to feel angry because these emotions are essential for survival. The problem occurs when anger or any other emotion starts controlling us as then they lead to problems and issues at the workplace or in personal life. They start affecting the overall functioning of an individual if they go out of hand.

Anger is a powerful feeling that originates when you feel that somebody has acted in an unfair, unacceptable or cruel way.

Gentle anger might be expedited by feeling tired, stressed or disturbed, in actuality, we are bound to feel bothered if our fundamental human needs (food, shelter, sex, rest, and so on.) are not met or are endangered here and there.

We may lose control when responding to dissatisfaction, criticism or danger, and this isn’t an inadequate or improper response.

We can likewise feel irritated by other individuals’ convictions, feelings and activities and consequently anger can influence our capacity to impart adequately – making us bound to state or do outrageous or unreasonable things.

Being nonsensical or unreasonable can lead others around us to feel undermined, angry or irate themselves and, once more, these would all be able to be obstructions to viable correspondence.

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