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Anxiety plagues a considerable lot of us when we are uncertain about the result of specific situations; we feel anxious, worried, and a feeling of unease concerning one or more factors. When we think about the cause of our anxiety, it appears that it’s our need to control the future that drives it.

Even though really, what is anxiety? Looking at its real meaning, it is our routine of anticipating distress, bad luck or adversity that presently does not seem to occur. Our anxiety may not begin from not knowing the future, but instead, our craving to control it. Most of the time, though unlike stress, we feel anxiety from circumstances that haven’t happened. Some have anxiety because of fear of disappointment, misfortune or status change; some have anxiety because of loss of wellbeing and prosperity.

While it’s usual for us to feel anxious from time to time relating to insecurity in our future, having constant anxiety on an everyday basis can be emotionally paralyzing for us.

It may also lead to panic attacks, a weakened immune system, blood pressure, or phobias. We all feel anxious from time to time; this is just the normal thing, and however, we have also to stay self-aware of how long our anxiety continues and try to understand its causes to help us bound its effects.

Anxiety worsens with thoughts of our fears, insecurities, and sentiments of unease and our desire to control our fate. We fall prey to our desire to control our lives and to plan to stop misfortune and bad surprises. We see how that wish can be not only impractical but also both mentally and physically detrimental. By adhering to certain preventive techniques, we can work with the wellsprings of our anxiety head-on and debilitate the adverse effects of those sources.

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