Depressive Tendencies

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Depression is an unusual and genuine health condition that adversely impacts how you experience, how you envision, and how you act. Depression roots sentiments of pity and loss of enthusiasm even for activities that you once loved, like exercising, meeting friends and family, going on vacations, etc. Depression can also diminish an individual’s capacity to perform even his basic daily tasks.

Due to ignorance, there was a lot of prejudice and social taboo attached to it. Fortunately, the government and a lot of social organizations have worked to spread awareness about the subject.

If depression is left untreated, it may result in suicidal ideation, drugs, and alcohol addiction, self-harm tendencies, relationship problems, etc.

Sometimes people may experience “ups” (periods of mania) and “downs” (periods of extreme depression) which may be due to Bipolar Mood disorder. Although these stages may change quickly or gradually, bipolar depression can go on until a compelling treatment is found.

One of the forms of depression is when the symptoms are not severe but are persistent is known as Dysthymia. It is gentle and progressively hard to distinguish as it is a mild form of depression, and it may keep going for a considerable length of time if left untreated.

Depression can be more than a steady-state of sadness. It can cause a variety of effects where some affect your mood, and others impact your body.

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