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Fear is an unpleasant feeling that instigates due to your anticipation of any pain, danger or harm. Fear would result in Emotional and Biochemical bodily responses. The emotional response is unique for everyone, while the biochemical reaction is universal.

Biochemical reaction

Fear is a natural feeling and endurance technique. At any point when we face an apparent danger, our bodies respond in specific ways. Physical responses to fear comprise of perspiring, adrenaline rush, high heart rate, etc.

This physical response is a form of reaction, in which your body prepares itself to either face the situation or run away from it. It’s a programmed reaction that is essential to our existence.

Emotional reaction

The emotional reaction to fear is individual personality dependent. Since fear produces the same chemical reaction in our brain that positive feelings like joy and excitement do, feeling fear in specific situations can be fun, like when you take a roller coaster ride.

Few people are thrill-seekers, and they love extreme sports that instigate thrill. Others have a negative response to the sentiment of fear, maintaining a distance from fear prompting circumstances no matter what. Although the physical response is the equivalent, fear can be seen as either positive or negative depending on the individual’s personality.

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