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A relationship is one of the elementary integrates that differentiate humans from animals and is considered a vital part of our life. A relationship can be of various forms like parent and child relationship, the relationship amongst siblings, spouse relationship, the relationship between friends, etc. Each of these relationships draws a different kind of emotion which is hard to articulate.

Having a good relationship with family is significant. A great relationship with the family would mean discussing various issues and DE-stressing yourself, and it also gives you a sense of sanctuary. A healthy relationship amongst family members would mean a tremendous emotional and intellectual development of all the members, especially younger ones. One can expect an honest assessment of a situation and thoughtful advice from the family members.

Besides family, the other strong relationship that is present in our society is of friendship. Friends are diverse from your parents because they come from a various social-economical background and are picked by you. You share multiple things with your friends that you do not share with your family because of the social taboo.

All of the relationships help you in one way or the other, yet few of us are not good at maintaining relationships. All of the relationships need to be harnessed.

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