Does Spirituality Help You Heal?


Spirituality is a concept that means different to everyone. We all have our own definition of spirituality and its meaning changes over time for us. One cannot confine spirituality in a single definition or cannot explain it using one theory. We all have different theories and understanding of spirituality.

But for the sake of explaining it, spirituality can be considered as a concept that helps us form a connection with oneself, one’s soul, nature, or maybe the higher power. It is not necessary to be connected with God. You may be a follower of spirituality when you believe in yourself or your values.

The important thing to consider is whether spirituality helps you heal or not. If it does heal you, then how? And if it doesn’t then why everyone’s talking about it? Let’s discuss.

We have already mentioned that spirituality is experienced and understood differently by different people. Thus one person may have spiritual experiences in a particular location at a certain time like in church or temple while others may feel its presence every moment like while being in nature or being with oneself.

When one has a feeling of spirituality that is the feeling of a connection whether being with oneself or nature or the higher power, then it can be considered the first step towards healing because to heal oneself, one has to be aware of one’s beliefs and feel a connection with them. This leads to the understanding of one’s purpose and meaning in life. Additionally, spirituality helps cope with feelings of stress and anxiety. It heals one from depressive tendencies and restores hope and optimism. For some people, spirituality includes the elements of religious traditions and practices. And for those individuals, spirituality brings social support by finding a community. This support further helps people heal from their negative feelings and enhance positivity in life.

In addition to all the above-mentioned benefits, spirituality when combined with gratitude brings happiness, satisfaction, and improved physical and mental health. This happens because the combination of counting one’s blessings, being thankful, and having social support gives a boost to confidence and makes a person hopeful about the future. It can also be a buffer against stress and anxiety and ultimately brings greater feelings of well-being.

As spirituality is a personal experience and that can be unique to each individual, everybody has a different way to heal themselves. But there are some ways that can be practiced to feel more connected and can be used to explore more about the experiences of spirituality. These are:

  • Accepting oneself and paying attention to one’s feelings.
  • Be empathetic and compassionate towards others.
  • Be mindful while doing any activity to feel the connection.
  • Practising gratitude to make yourself aware of your blessings and what is important to you.

But there are some pitfalls of spirituality, one of which is escaping or avoiding problems by bypassing them. So be aware and cautious of the dogmatism which is practiced in the name of spirituality and be aware of what you feel about them rather than what others say to you.

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