Digital Employee Assistance Program 2.0

Why EAP is important in these tough times aka “new normal”?

Over the past few months, a couple of developments have necessitated many changes in the conventional EAP space. The pandemic COVID 19 has forced new norms of working from home. Working from home has its additional share of psychological as well as other issues.

Keeping the employees motivated and productive is altogether a new and tough task for the management. On the other hand, maintaining work-life balance has become difficult for employees. This creates pressure to perform better and efficiently on both, the management, and the employees which in turn affect the productivity thus the growth of the organization. Besides this, there are economic pressures on the companies to achieve a reduction in their cash outflow.

The traditional methods of providing a helpline to the employees are cost intensive. Wherever there is a human psychologist is involved, the cost would go up. Over the years, EAP has grown and so is the cost associated with the same. The outcome is not measurable, and the program often leads to misutilization or underutilization. Thus, now it has become more important to have a program for the employees that keep them motivated, help and take care of their wellbeing to improve their performance and productivity. So that the organization can grow and at the same time it is affordable & measurable for the organization. This can come from using a mix of digital platform and human coaches.


Screening / Organization Wide Stress Mapping
Know Your Current Levels of Stress at an Individual and at an aggregate level

Helpline Services
Get an Immediate and Dependable Support from the Experts

Counselling Services
Get Empowered to Attain Holistic Health, Achieve Goals and Improve the Overall Life

Self Help Tools and Solutions
BeRapid – A Digital, 24*7 Solution of Twelve hours of Intense Self-Help Counselling

Periodic E-Webinars on Stress and Wellbeing
To Resolve all the Queries and Doubts by Educating Several Employees in One Go

Spiritual Assistance
For Self-Actualization and General Guidance In Life. Twelve hours of Self-Help Course

Positive Psychology
To Find Meaning and Purpose in Life, be a good human being and lead a Balanced and Fulfilling life

Yoga Asana, Meditation, Pranayama and Light Exercises
To attain a balance between Body, Mind and Soul and be physically fit & mentally calm

Why Choose Us?

Standard EAP Stay Blessed Digital EAP 2.0
Helpline Service Redirected to semi -trained People Helpline Service Connects You with the Experts
Face To Face / Telephonic / Remote Counselling (May affect confidentiality) Online Counselling (Get Guidance from Anywhere without Compromising with the Confidentiality)
No Periodic Assessments to see the Improvement or Current Levels of Issues Self-Assessment and Detailed Report Covering Several Segments Such as Emotional, Behavioural, Cognitive, Physical and Covid-19 impact
Mis utilized Or Underutilized Services Periodic Stress Mapping of the Organization with a Detailed Report
Mostly No Digital Solution in this Digital Era Digital Self-Help Solution- BeRapid in Your Pocket all the Time
Mostly Physical Workshops (Unsafe in the Current Times) Online Webinars (No More Physical Contact And Social Distancing is Maintained)
No Spiritual Assistance Provide Digital Spiritual Assistance and Guidance
Focus on Only One Aspect Focus on Holistic Health Using Integrative Approach
Human Bias Involved AI-Based Chatbot Assistance for Resolving most Queries
Cost Intensive Comprehensive and Cost-Effective
Spread Awareness and Provide Psycho-Education
Best Solution for Work from Home Culture
Improves Physical, Emotional and Behavioural Wellbeing

Advantages of Digital EAP 2.0

  • With the proposed Digital 2.0 EAP solution, a corporate can assess the requirements. With the conventional EAP, there is no scientific method to requirement analysis. That results in a wasteful purchase of services or hours of consultations. Therefore, digital EAP 2.0 cost advantage starts even before services commence.
  • Individuals get an early warning signal for their health. Similarly, the organisation becomes aware well in advance about the employees on whom they need to focus.
  • To prevent misuse, rules can be configured to allocate the service usage limits per user with provision for the exceptions.
  • Along with allocation of consultation to a mental health professional, the previous history of the employee and his severity levels are shared. This not only saves time and reduces the time duration in the consultations, MHP also has a better understanding of the problem and can plan differential treatment.
  • Digital resources and tools are available 24*7 to give constant support, preventive and therapeutic consultations, AI ChatBot support, psychoeducation, and interactive content. Further BeRapid provides 12 hours of consultations at the fraction of the cost.
  • Exclusive panels for all the stakeholders like corporate admin, MHP or Employees, capturing every single transaction or usage of the services including generation of a detailed MIS and reports periodically. The outcome and the efficacy of the system is measurable.

All the above-mentioned merits make digital EAP 2.0 a comprehensive and cost-effective solution.