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Introduction to Stay Blessed Pvt Ltd

Stay Blessed was incorporated in Aug 2019 with the aim to train a person to develop resilience to the Stress and Stress constituents like Anxiety, Depressive tendencies, Sleep issues, Relationship issues, Anger and Fear. Mental health issues specially stress related issues like Anxiety, Depressive tendencies, Sleep issues, Relationship issues, Anger and Fear are rapidly worsening. These impact an individuals, corporates, society, or population in general at several levels such as personal, professional, social & economic levels.

Mental health occurs along a continuum, with thriving and positive mental health at one end and serious mental illnesses at the other. In between, however, there are many shades of anxiety, depression, and other conditions that vary in intensity and impact. We all continue to ask, “What are we doing to help our people to stay physically and emotionally healthy?”

Stress related Mental Health issues were in existence for times immemorial. However, with widespread and prolonged impact of COVID on global populations, these have increased to an unprecedented level. If not managed, these by themselves will manifest as the next pandemic.

We solve these issues through our innovative offerings the APP, BeSerene, working on all the three plains, MIND, BODY and SOUL. We have built habit forming holistic APP BeSerene with a person to attempt Activities, Awareness, Introspection and Reflection tasks. Activities working on the Body, are personalized to a person based on profile, preferences, symptom, pain map and body vitals. These activities include Yoga, Meditation, breathing exercises and many of these. Awareness working on the Mind of a person, is disorder specific video-based course work. Introspection is reporting of process variables used for AI. Reflection is positive psychology sessions that work on the Soul of a person. Several tools are available to a person to optimize his prevention / therapeutic and curative journey. All the material including hundreds of hours of videos in several domains are our own IPR. This APP is scalable, cost effective and takes away the social stigma.

In addition to this APP, we offer Assessment tools and Psychologist consultations.

Introduction to the Stay Blessed Offerings

Using a feature rich digital platform, we have made preventive and therapeutic solution in terms of an APP, with two parallel approaches, modern psychology, and ancient spirituality. We are using data variables for diagnosis, monitoring progress and improvements. Further we have used devices and sensors for diagnosis and personalization. AI is used for recommendations. We also have human remote monitoring and if required, interventions and guidance through teleconsultations. We are having a reasonably unique & comprehensive solution.

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Important points to know

  • You need to have a unique E mail ID that will be your identifier.
  • The App is available only in English.
  • The App will be bound to a phone and that can not be changed in normal course. If you need to change, you need to send an email with reason at
  • Only one course can be selected against one payment out of Anxiety, Depressive tendencies, Sleep issues or Spiritual healing.
  • You can complete the course in about 28 to 29 days if you are regular, however, you can take time up to six months to complete the course.
  • Once completed, you can repeat the process from this website for any other course that you may want to do.
  • During the course, you can take the psychologist consultations from drawer option by going to my coach and placing a chat / audio / video request. These are additionally paid and will be served during 9 am to 7 pm Indian standard time.
  • You can update your profile and preferences from drawer / profile icon. We encourage you to change these whenever required.
  • In BeSerene Pro you will get the entire personalized digital course work while in BeSerene Platinum you will in addition to BeSerene Pro features, will get up to 5 psychologist consultations during the course and these are pre-paid. These consultations are offered on you achieving a mile stone and a report is generated for you at that point of time. The psychologist will discuss your report with you.
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BeSerene Pro40 AED 28 AED
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BeSerene Platinum220 AED154 AED
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According to a report, “Depression and Other Common Mental Disorders: Global Health Estimates,” released by the World Health Organization, the global population living with depression is estimated to be around 322 million people or 4.4% of the world’s population. The report also includes data on anxiety disorders, which affect more than 260 million people or 3.6% of the global population. The common mental disorders are increasing, particularly in low and middle-income countries, with many people experiencing both depression and anxiety disorders simultaneously.

COVID has further worsened the situation.
Most of the progressive organizations are placing a higher focus on Employee’s Mental Health and are seeking wellbeing solutions. The first step in the process is to profile or map the current mental health status of its employees.

Existing Online Screening Tools
There are a few screening tools available on different websites. However, these are mostly:

  • Very basic
  • Do not get into segmentation and granular details of the disorder
  • Data is not secure or encrypted

For Individual :
We offer detailed and granular screening for Anxiety, Depressive tendencies, and Workplace stress that can form the base for further management. In each of these, we further identify the physical, behavioural, emotional, and cognitive distortion levels and Impact of COVID. We also offer certain preventive measures. The initial one will be given along with your report.. Your data is fully secure and completely private to you. It takes only 15 to 20 minutes for one to undertake these tests.

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Stress Screening10 AED 7 AED
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You can book a 30 min session with a psychologist.

  • We would be providing tele consultations with psychologists of min 4 years of experience.
  • Languages covered will be English and Hindi.
  • No specific psychologist can be chosen by a user.
  • Session will be of typically 30 mins that can go up to 40 minutes at the discretion of the psychologist.
  • Session will be conducted on an audio or video call depending upon the user’s choice.
  • These sessions are normally meant for improvement in lifestyle / mental wellbeing of a person.
  • These sessions are not intended to replace a medical consultation. If psychologists finds that there is a medical problem, he/she will intimate the user to visit /consult a clinical professional.
  • These sessions are not meant for handling any life-threatening conditions such as immediate suicidal tendencies.
  • These sessions are not for covering any emergency situations.
  • These sessions will be provided by Psychologists based out of India only.
  • Typically, we will provide counselling sessions from 10 am IST to 7 PM IST.
  • This proposal does not cover any therapy from a clinical psychologist.
  • Every effort will be made to provide the session at your preferred time however it may be scheduled/rescheduled as per availability of a suitable slot within 48 hours excluding Sunday
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An online session of 30 min40 AED 28 AED
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