Heal With Music


Music can make you feel calm. When it resonates with your current mood, it invokes many emotions. You feel those beats in the song are dancing in your mind in the form of different feelings. They make you remember many memories which are lying in your mind for ages, untouched and unacknowledged. These tunes wake them up. You feel like you are reliving that moment again. Those emotions are having the same effects and those feelings still have the same place in your heart. You feel like a new person with an old self. Music has the power to raise your spirits. If music is so magical, it can surely heal you.

Let’s see how it is done.

  1. When you feel stressed, listen to your favourite song. It will lower the levels of cortisol (a hormone that is released as a response to stress in the body) in your body that will help you in alleviating your stress.
  2. When you listen to slow and calming music, it may help you lower your blood pressure and heart rate in a stressful situation. You can observe that while listening to such music, your body relaxes, breathing becomes slow and rhythmic and stiffness in your neck and shoulders starts waiving off.
  3. Listening to your favourite track and singing along not only improves your mood but also makes your memory better especially the episodic memory which involves the collection of specific events, situations and experiences.
  4. When you listen to music, it releases endorphins in your brain that makes you feel happy and energetic. In addition to that, the endorphins also help in dealing with anxiety, balance your immune system and ease your pain in the body. Now you know why do people listen to music when they workout.
  5. When you have sleep-related issues, listening to music comes as a handy technique. Researches have shown that sleep quality has been improved in people with acute and chronic sleep disorders who have taken music assistance for their wellbeing.

After understanding how music can heal you, now consider all the area of your life. Doesn’t every aspect of life include some kind of music? Listen to your keyboard’s sound. How it suddenly feels like it follows a rhythm while you type continuously. Listen to the birds that are chirping outside the window and till the time I didn’t point it out, you were oblivious to that sweet sound. Now listen to your inner voice and play your favourite song that just came to your mind while reading this blog. Let it evoke all those memories it has been associated with. Let it make you feel calm or energetic or stress-free or whatever you want to. Just let in inspire and motivate you to feel relaxed and happy.

And do remember that music is the only thing when it hits you, you don’t get injured.

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