Help your employees


As a manager, you must be having tons of responsibilities. These responsibilities are not limited to planning and completing a project on time but also include taking care of your team members or employees and their  wellbeing. This is not a small or easy task. Just remember, when you are under stress, how you do feel.

Don’t you feel that you suddenly have a mental/creativity block?

Don’t you feel that a certain task could have been done better if you were not stressed then?

Don’t you feel the need for someone or something that could be there with you as a support?

This hampers your performance and productivity.

Do you want the same to happen to your employees? I am sure, you don’t want that. For this reason, it is important to support your employees and focus on their wellbeing so they can be mindful and do not commit mistakes repeatedly. This has an impact on business growth and organizational goals.

We have mentioned a few techniques that can be used to support your employees and improve their wellbeing at the workplace:

  1. Effective and Open Communication– Communicating with your employees and getting on their level makes them feel acknowledged and understood. When they have a feeling of being heard, they become more open to listening to you and your expectations from them. Another thing to keep in mind is that not all employees are the same and no single communication style fits in all situations. Thus, it is important to understand your employees one-on-one basis, get to know about their personality and then communicate accordingly. This not only gives a personal touch to the conversation and suggestion but also helps employees to accept your advice.
  2. Understand the situation – The important part of being the manager is to know about your employees and their personalities. But there’s one more thing which is more important to achieve this goal is to know the situation they are in.Being a manager or leader, you need to assess the situation first, and then act accordingly. When you consider a situation from all the aspects, weighs the pros and cons, expects the probable responses and reactions, you can sort things out beforehand. Not assessing the situation and acting on an impulse without testing the waters, will lead to more confusion, panic and questioning. So, before shooting a mail with some changes in the plan, do your homework, assess the situation and be ready with the solution.
  3. Appreciate them- The success of a company relies on the strength of its employees. This strength can be used by making them feel heard and giving them the recognition they deserve. When you compliment or appreciate your employees for their good work, this has a psychological effect on their mind which further motivates them to work better. This happens not only when a manager recognizes their work but also when other team members do that. So, try to make an environment in your organization where not only you appreciate your employees but they also complement each other on their success. You can arrange a group gathering each month where you can plan gratitude or complimenting session where each employee can share his/her thoughts about another employee.
  4. Provide Benefits– When your employees are healthy, they are happy. And happy employees are more productive and efficient than unhappy ones. To make them happy and healthy, give them comprehensive health packages. When you offer these solutions to your employees for their healthy present and happy future, you are making them understand how much you value them. This feeling makes them feel loyal towards the company and they become more productive to achieve the organizational goals. So, provide them with insurance for medical coverage and give them EAP services .
  5. Give them Flexibility – Maintaining work-life balance has become a task these days. Understanding that employees have a life outside their office is the most important and often neglected thought process that is expected from a manager. To make the employees feel that you value their time and personal space, give them an option of flexibility. This may include, parental leaves, flexible schedule, work from home when needed etc.
  6. Take Feedback – You as a manager thinks that you are doing a great job by giving benefits, flexible working schedule to your employees, but sometimes, what we are doing, how we are doing and when we are doing certain things for our employees do not have a direct impact on them as everyone is different and no one size fits all. Thus, it is important to take feedback from them periodically. This makes you understand whether all efforts you are putting into making your employees feel good are worthy or not.
  7. Focus on their mental health- When an employee is not feeling well physically, managers grant leaves without asking much as they can ‘see’ their state. But most of the times, an employee is not able to perform better, be productive and work efficiently because he is fighting a battle in his mind, which is not visible to anyone. Sometimes, even the employee is not aware of the same. Thus, it is important to give this message and create an environment in your organization where your employees understand, recognize and give attention to their mental health as well.

So, communicate with your employees. Understand their needs and requirements. Give them the respect and value that they deserve. And you will see a drastic difference in their health, behavior and performance over time. Just remember, it all starts from the top-down.

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