How can extreme nervousness be reduced fast?


Sometimes, suddenly when there’s a meeting or presentation, or we have to give a speech in the crowd or have to meet a big influential person, then we get very nervous. Many times this nervousness is not due to any specific reasons in the present but comes due to some of the past experiences or a future-oriented worry. This type of nervousness is considered one of the major symptoms of anxiety. You can overcome it by doing yoga and meditation, but in this article, we are going to discuss some more ways and tricks those will help you to get relief from this problem of nervousness in a short time-

1. Assurance-
The major reason for such panic is fear. This fear can be due to the feeling of deterioration in work, or the fear of not doing things or tasks properly. In such a situation, the person who is afraid must be assured that nothing will go wrong. It may be possible that he may feel confident with mere assurance by a person in whom he believes. Assurance immediately reduces nervousness and anxiety. So whenever you see someone nervous, immediately assure him that everything will go well. Similarly when you are nervous try to find a person who can assure you that everything will be alright. These words are very useful, powerful and remove nervousness immediately.

2. Forceful deep breathing-
Whenever we get nervous or anxious, our breath becomes very fast and shallow. If we do some simple exercises focusing on breathing, then we can overcome panic immediately because our mind is controlled by breathing and this makes us calm and quiet.

For forceful deep breathing, take a long, deep breath and after that, when exhaling, exhale with a little force. If you do this at least 5 times, then you will see your nervousness going away immediately.

3. Lion breathing-
It is also called luxury breathing. Stand straight and breathe in and move both your arms up towards the ceiling and spread your fingers. After that, bending your mouth down and open it, take out your tongue, and feel all your weight on your paws. In this state, take your breath out of the mouth and then return to the normal pose while breathing in. By doing this whole process only three times, see your nervousness going away.

4. Fake cough-
If you are getting nervous or are feeling palpitation then just cover your mouth with both your hands and breathe out while coughing loudly and repetitively. There is hardly any other easy way to remove nervousness within a few minutes.