How can I make myself better each day?


If you want to improve yourself, it means you are not satisfied with your present condition. At what level you are is known to you only. If a struggler or unsuccessful person wants to improve himself, he would be given tons of pieces of advice so that he can attain heights in everything.

But if a successful person is asking this question, he must have different subjects where he wants to improve. So here we are taking a general person into consideration. There is always a margin to improve yourself. Here are a few tips which you can work on.

1.Be Vigilant.
Be vigilant to everything going around you. The awareness about your surroundings brings lots of information. The world is full of the persons who have tremendous examples, ideas, words and experiences. Pay attention to all the details of the happenings around you and use them for your benefits.

2. Read Self-development/Motivational books
You would be surprised to know but this is the fact most of the great persons have been good readers too. They seek inspirations from the life-event, autobiography, or biography of previous great persons. If you commit to reading a book on personal development, business, motivation, every day for only 30 minutes, your mind will get filled with the ideas worth pondering on. Your life will get start changing.

3. Collect Ideas
Whatever we read or listen does not sustain in our mind for long. Ideas and thoughts tend to vanish from your mind too fast. So before they vanish write down them in your diary or make small notes on them.

4. Meditate daily at least for ten minutes
Meditation brings peace of mind, as you sweep your home similarly meditation sweeps all the foul thoughts out of your mind. You can train your mind to catch positive things from the atmosphere around you through meditation. Simple breathing exercises can also be helpful if you don’t know much about meditation.

5. Develop A Habit To Act
Mostly it happens we plan big things but when it comes to executing them we postpone them to tomorrow. Thinking great things, planning schedules cannot help you until and unless you execute them. Action is important. Stop procrastinating. Have your goals set and work on them.

6. Analyze Your Day
Before going to bed, spend 10 minutes analyzing your whole day. Throw light on your gains, achievements, your mistakes, your loss everything. Self-assessment is very important to find a way to improve yourself.  This is a very simple practice which can help you to transform your approach towards yourself and your life.

7. Expand Your Comfort Zone
Watch is that so you have limited yourself to your comfort zone? Remember your zone kills all the possibilities of self-improvement. All the opportunities for growth become stagnant. So try to find out what’s that which makes you most uncomfortable, try your discomfort zone.

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