How can you help your employees feel motivated?


Being a manager, you must encounter uninspired employees once in a while (sometimes daily!). You wonder why employees do not feel motivated despite giving them good pay and benefits. What is the reason behind procrastination and why they do not want to put enough mental effort into the success of the organization and themselves? These questions put the managers at a loss as to understand how they should motivate the employees.

The key to this question lies in identifying the reason behind the lack of motivation of the employees. Once the managers have understood the problem, they can move forward to apply the targeted strategy. Because it is crucial to assess before taking action.

So, let’s explore other factors that may be the reasons behind the lack of motivation among employees.

  1. Loss of connection with the task – When the employees values don’t match with the task or organisation’s values or simple terms when the employee doesn’t feel connected with the task assigned to him, he feels less motivated to do the same. Thus, the managers need to think from the employee’s perspective and do not assume that the tasks that motivate them will motivate the employees also. To deal with this the managers can have a probing conversation with the employees and understand what interests the employees most and how that interest can be aligned with the tasks.
  2. Loss of confidence in one’s ability – When the employees feel that they lack the ability to do a certain task or they just don’t trust themselves, there comes the role of manager to boost their confidence and build a sense of competence in them. The managers can help them remember the times when they overcame a challenge or completed a task with their hard-work and persistence. The managers can help them build a sense of self-efficacy or help them break down the goal into small achievable targets.
  3. Dealing with the negative thought process – When employees are dealing with negative emotions due to any reason, they may feel less motivated to complete the task. Here the managers are required to be active listeners and need to be non-judgmental. If you feel the employee is feeling better after talking to you, schedule more of these kinds of meetings with them and see the change. Sometimes, all one needs is an active listener. And if you feel there’s no improvement in the employee, advise him to consult a mental health professional.
  4. Not being able to find a reason – When an employee is finding difficulty in finding the reason behind feeling de-motivated, you as a manager need to help the employee think clearly and in finding the reason behind their struggle. Once the employees understand the exact reason behind their lack of motivation, they will stop avoiding the task.

Now, it’s time for the managers to help the employees identify the reason behind lack of motivation and once you have figured that out, apply the right techniques or use the correct strategy for intervention.

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