How do I get motivated every single day?


What does motivation mean in your life? Is it so when you have no motivation, you struggle and find it difficult to leave your bed? Is it so that motivation is the only fuel which keeps you busy all day, helps you to plan your day? If yes, then admit it that motivation is elusive for you. Why do you feel a necessity to get motivated every day? You should have an inner urge to live a day up to its full worth.

Motivation can come in the form of a passion too. Often it is seen people who are passionate for some things, some hobbies, art, book reading, touring, they plan their day or month, or a year, so that they can find time for their passion. So it can be said passion is the best type of motivation.

Instead, here are a few steps you may follow to get motivated each day.

1.Focus on present
It is seen that people often lose motivation in their life because either they are hanging to the past or they are calculating for the future. Overthinking makes you passive in your work. Mind is a complex tool. When it is loaded with over contemplation, it is absorbed in planning all the time but the outcome is the zero.

Cut off from the past, let bygone be bygone. If you don’t have control over the happenings in your life or you cannot plan for your future, why to fret for it? Remember the more you tune inward, stay in present, the easier it becomes to keep yourself happy and motivated.

2. Discover your power
Explore yourself. Everyone is unique in himself. You must possess some interests, some unique intellect and some unique talent which can keep you motivated.  This is going to be your power if you work on it. Power is strength and it brings confidence. 
By recognizing who you are, what you offer, and what you want in life, you can get a key which can open the entire closed doors to the hidden success. Though acquiring power is not easy, it takes time and practice.

3. Set goals

A person without goals is like a rolling stone which gets a halt nowhere. Just answer yourself how you can expect a motivation in your life if you don’t have any goal in your life.
When there is a lack of clear goal in one’s life, it feels like work has turned to be futile with no payoff.  If you want to live in a state of motivation, you need to live, spend each moment that leads to the next moment towards your goal.

Even if you are completely unemployed, you have nothing to do all day, get any forced goal of the day like spending time with family, or visiting a friend, reading a book, writing, recreation etc.

Divide your months in weeks with some set goals, and divide your week in days similarly divide your day into hours. In this way, every hour comes with a fixed motivation. Think big goals and then divide it into fractions.

4. Reflect
Reflect; contemplate with yourself at the end of each day, each week, each month, and each year. Introspection done positively not only improves your self-awareness, but it also helps you to keep yourself fixed to the purpose of life. The ultimate motivator is inside you. You don’t need any outer motivation.

Monitor your progress. Count your days well spent.  As you reflect more and more, pay attention to your progress you become more systematic. The fact is when you lack motivation in your life it means you have become unsystematic in your life. Short-term goals serve as fuel to long-term goals. They ensure you that you’re headed the right direction.

5. Hard Work
There’s no substitute for hard work. Whatever work you have in hand give your 100% to it. Never shirk work. Hard-working people can never sit idle.

If you really want to get motivated, push a bit extra in you and you will find it was a productive day.

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