How do I get over the fear of judgement?

fear of judgment

If there is someone who says that he is not affected by the opinion of others, he may be partially true, but this can never be a complete truth. No person in the world is there who doesn’t care for the judgement of others about himself.

All of us have a tendency to get affected at some point in our lives. Words or behaviour of others can hurt us, disturb us and leave us feeling helpless, dejected and affected. This is a fact that the words and the perceptions from the people around us shape our own beliefs about ourselves. Here is the point where from the brook of fear of judgment by others emerges and breach on so many aspects of our lives like relationships, jobs, social situations, self assessment etc.

It can be difficult to identify that whether we are in grip of such fear of judgement and find ways to overcome it. Without any help, assistance, guidance often it becomes a severe problem. Let us find some effective ways to cope with it. Have faith that if you implement these tips every day in your life you would definitely get positive results.

1.Recognize your strengths and limitations: 

The very first thing to do is to identify your own strength, your positive aspect of your personality, your power, the field where you can excel and along with it your limitations too. You should  know what you are good at and what your drawbacks are.

There reduces the possibility of  getting affected by what others say or think about you when you have confidence in yourself. If you are wearing a blue shirt, whether people try to convince you that you are wearing a pink shirt, you would not accept it. Similarly judgement from others weakens you when you lack in confidence about yourself. Be confident about your capacity, talents, and abilities. Recognise your own shortcomings.

By constant efforts there comes a point when you become truly confident about your own attributes, vulnerabilities and strengths.  Now the impact of judgments and impressions from other people become irrelevant.

2. Resist letting others defines you:

Remember people always come with an opinion whether far or against. If you go in medical line they will say you should have gone into engineering. If you join engineering, they would suggest, you should have joined business administration. 
They’re entitled to their own thoughts. There statements cannot decide your future. The sooner you understand it, the quicker you pass any fear of being judged. If you get highly affected by what others think and say about you, it’s time to take a look at your own self-esteem and isolate yourself for some time to build your confidence. It seems to be hard but have faith that once you become able to live on your terms, you can begin to work on the areas you don’t feel comfortable at.

3. Be aware of your inner critic:

Every person has a Mini-Me inside who checks you from doing wrong, who criticises you at every performance. Recognizing your inner critic, washing away all negative thoughts is the first step in overcoming fear of judgement. Perform without caring for anything as no one watching you, not even God. Negative thoughts play a major role in your life. Once you get control of your thoughts and beliefs, you can become more positive and optimistic. Then you can work without worrying what other people will think about you.

4. Make yourself a priority:

Why to allow someone else’s judgment to cover your own perception about yourself? It is like giving them power in your life. If you tend to do this, get over it. You are the engineer of your life. It is only you who can know yourself better than anyone else. All you need is to have to trust on yourself and your abilities. Find out what you are good at.   Stay away from the things you are not good at.  But if it becomes compulsory, don’t be afraid to own up to things you’re not good at. Don’t fall a prey to the urge to be perfect.

5. Invest in yourself:

Take extra care of your body, your looks and your clothes. Invest in your own personal growth. Untidiness is in any aspect of life brings chaos. Spare more time in what you enjoy doing. You may get a gym membership or look into a therapist or personal coach or join dancing classes, take a vacation you’ve been wanting to go on, or have a full body massage, or read a personality- development book or learn a new language anything just do something. If you’re postponing the steps to get through your personal challenges, the road ahead may not seem so promising. It is you who have to make you life better. Remember you are not born in this world to be mediocre.

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