How do you leave a toxic relationship?

toxic relationship

By toxic relationship, we do not mean that only a romantic relationship can be toxic. Any relationship can be toxic, be it friends, colleagues, father-son, mother-in-law daughter-in-law. If there is someone who constantly creates a nuisance for you, tries to bring you down, the chances are that your relationship with him/her has fallen into the category of ‘toxic’.

Now the question is, how to escape from such a suffocating relationship or how to leave a toxic relationship? For an answer, you need to follow the advice given below.

1.Step out of denial:
Observe the following things carefully. If these things are happening with you, it is the time to move ahead.

  • If you don’t feel energized but feel drained after spending one hour with someone.
  • If it becomes really hard for you to spend time with someone.
  • If you never get an expected positive response from someone
  • If you constantly feel disappointed by the comments and behaviour of someone.
  • If you have started disliking someone.

2. Keep a log of emotions:
If after giving much time and many chances to your relationship, you still feel worse and not better, it’s time to leave the relationship. Keep a log of your emotions. Do you feel like crap every time you face him/her? Do you feel like you are weak and pathetic? If nothing in a relationship makes you feel better, and you keep a log of emotions, the self-respect will automatically make you leave that relationship.

3. Invest your time in better things
The best thing to come out of a toxic relationship is to make yourself busy and get involved somewhere else. Don’t feel like you depend on someone. Try to explore options. If you are not working, find a job. Find a friend. Try writing. Go for shopping. Practice meditation and yoga. Listen to songs. Release your tears. Call up your friends and relatives. Do anything which can fill your time and keep away from a toxic friend.

4. Get accompanied by positive companions.
Remember you are not weak or wrong. It is just that you need the right kind of friends currently who can make you feel positive and energised. Getting sucked into or stuck in toxic relationships is suffocating. It chokes all the creativity of your mind and personality as you are always busy in arguments.  So be smart enough to identify that with whom you really want to hang out.

5. Write down your feeling.
Diary can be the best friend. If you do not find someone who can listen to you patiently, write down all the feeling in a notebook. It will make you feel relieved temporarily. You can get enough time to reconsider the facts. By writing, you can analyze things in a better way.

6. Bribe yourself.
If you are determined to free yourself from a toxic relationship, you have to use bribe yourself technique. Reward yourself at various stages. Like if you do not intimate the toxic friend for a week, reward yourself with a nice coffee outside. Bribe yourself with a promise of a movie, if you be able to pull it off.

7. Repeat affirmations.
Don’t feel like a guilty or a loser. Follow some positive phrases and keep repeating them in mind, like –

  • My life is not worthless.
  • I am loveable.
  • My life is full of loveliness, passion, and tenderness.
  • I am filled with DIVINE LOVE.
  • My life is full of miracles.
  • I have a good sense of humour.
  • I am courageous and free.
  • I am blessed with radiant health.
  • People love me and my heart is filled with love.
  • I have the power to change my life.

You need to adopt such positive, life-affirming beliefs and affirmation. They heal mind positively.

8. Have some rest or vacation
Handling a toxic relationship is a full-time job and it is very tiring. It gets on your nerve. The energy that is drained in such a relationship leaves you feeling like you have done the hardest work. You need rest, relief, comfort and solitude where you can get some time to reset all the choked activities of your mind. Have a break; go for a vacation to help you out.

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