How do you meditate if you don’t have time?


Think about it, is it only meditation for which you are not finding the time or there are some other interests too like walking, chatting, spending time in net surfing, watching movies etc? There is a great saying” Where there is a will, there is a way” It says all. The thing is if you find any benefit from meditation, if you develop an interest in meditation, you will surely find time for it.

Meditate means “to think, to contemplate, to ponder, to exercise the mind.” There is a Sanskrit word for meditation ‘Dhyana’. It means when you focus your mind to a point or an object,you throw a searchlight inside your mind and your soul. So the one obvious benefit of meditation is this that you become aware of your Self.

You become aware of your existence. You feel connected to a supreme consciousness, you get an eternal peace. You go through a channel experiencing profound inner peace, and this is the important thing than anything else in your life.

Meditation starts from focussing your attention to your breath.  There exists a gap between your in-breath and out-breath. You become aware of your exhaling and inhaling. This is a fact when our mind gets stuck with any part of the body; the part works better than usual. It absorbs more oxygen. Respiratory exercises at the beginning of the meditation strengthen your lungs, force oxygen in blood vessels.

After doing proper exhaling and inhaling, close your eyes, let all the thoughts come to your mind- all positive, negative all sorts of thoughts, meanwhile if you think they are disturbing your mind, you can force yourself to keep your attention on the breath. This will take only two to five minutes to meditate like this.

If you don’t find time all day you can meditate before going to sleep. Or anytime when you have a five minutes break.

Meditation is a process to discover your own divinity. So if you have immense will to feel that divine fraction within your soul, you will definitely spare time for it. There are many more systematic processes for meditation for a higher level. You may find a mentor or guide books, even apps are also available on it.

Whatever you find suitable choose it according to your comfort, if you want to go further in this field. Otherwise, the simple breathing exercise and concentration will help you if you are not willing to devote your time more than that.

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