How the mental health of a father affects his children ?


We all know that Mother’s nature, health, and thinking affect the child. From pregnancy to delivery and beyond, the health & thinking process of a mother does directly affect the children. It builds their character. But, we see rarely encounter discussions about the effect of the father’s behaviour and the mental state on the children. There are certain aspects of children’s growth those are directly linked to the thinking and life of the father. How does a child grow up as a human being? How will a child approach problems in his life? In this article, we will discuss the effect of the father’s mental health on the children.

Effect of father’s thinking and attitude –

A child’s development is affected by how his father behaves with him. It is very much true that the father’s thinking and perceiving his own life affects the life of the child. If a father’s thinking is progressive, then even if he may not have achieved a lot in his life, his children are likely to do well in their life. This happens because they learn from their father how to move ahead in life. In any society, you would see many examples where children of the fathers with fewer resources or limited livelihood earn big names while children of the father with limited thinking remain the same as their father.

Effect of the father’s nature-

It is often seen that children whose fathers are sensitive and supportive by nature, do well in the bad phases of their life. Such children create a good social environment despite the lack of economic prosperity and adverse life situations. Such children have good temperament and social etiquettes. On the other hand, where the nature and behaviour of father are opposite, it is seen that when subjected to the pressures of poverty and problems of life the children are involved in a variety of non-social and inappropriate activities.

Effect of the mental state of the father-

Next, imagine the situation where a father’s mental state is not stable or when he is suffering from some mental illness or is under some deep mental pressure. He will not be able to give time and attention to his children. As children learn from their elders’ behaviour, it is highly likely that the children of fathers suffering from mental pressure are likely to face many emotional problems in future. It happens in the same way as the mental problems of the mother affect the infant, the mental state of the father directly affects the children.

Being a father is a responsibility –

Becoming a father is a different thing, but being a father is a very big responsibility. For achieving this, your behaviour has to be good, you need to be financially and mentally strong so that your children are more likely to be successful in every wake of ​​their life. You are expected to be full of self-confidence, supportive to your children and your wife, ready to give guidance at the right time and stable in adverse conditions, courageous and do not give up. All these qualities depend on your mental capacity and efficiency because only with good mental health you can meet the above-mentioned standards. If for some reason you are feeling mentally disturbed, then let’s try to understand what you should do.

How fathers can help themselves-
As soon as you become a father, your life completely changes and you feel the pressure of many responsibilities on you. In such a situation, if you feel yourself getting depressed, then do not hesitate to ask for help from anyone. To get rid of any mental complications, consult a doctor. You may also have postpartum depression like a woman. In postpartum depression, a woman feels depression after the childbirth. Similar depression can also occur to a man after the child’s birth because having a child comes with many additional responsibilities.
If you feel such symptoms, you should openly talk about this with your spouse. By keeping your problems to yourself, you will only harm your mental health, so do share your mind with your close friends and family members etc.
If you have a hobby, start doing it again and give that hobby at least one hour daily. Do whatever you are happy to do, it will give you peace of mind. Apart from this, mental health remains better by practising pranayama, yoga and exercises.


If the father is not mentally healthy or not stable then it directly affects the child’s personality, his thinking and his character. Children of fathers with poor mental health become increasingly nervous and impatient due to the low confidence levels of their father. Therefore, the father should focus on his mental health. If necessary, do not hesitate to consult the doctor.