How to Deal With Burnout?


The pandemic hasn’t shown mercy in any way. It has created a situation of constant stress in everyone’s life. We are feeling more stressed than ever. Be it due to the COVID-19 itself or work-life imbalance or our mental health. Things are making us feel overwhelmed, emotionally drained and exhausted physically and mentally. And such a state is called burnout. This excessive and prolonged stress is putting a lot of burden on our shoulders which we are unable to deal with and that are why we are losing interest and motivation in life.

Because of this burnout, every aspect of life is getting affected including relationships, productivity, social life, and health. But it is important to note that burnout is a gradual process and doesn’t affect you overnight. So it is important to look after yourself every single day and observe your signs and symptoms. Some of the common symptoms of burnout are:

  • Feeling tired
  • Body and muscle aches
  • Low immunity
  • Erratic sleep and appetite
  • Lack of motivation
  • Sense of failure and feeling of helplessness
  • Anger issues and frustration
  • Procrastination

These sign and symptoms must be looked after and it is important to understand the cause behind the same. Once the cause has been identified whether it is work-related, health-related, due to a particular event in personal life, the work can be done on that aspect because if we do not deal with the issue, it will affect all aspects of our lives gradually.

So, some of the ways to deal with burnout are:

  1. Take Help – If you feel that you are becoming stressed and unable to handle things on your own due to any reason, approach your friends and family. Talk to them regarding your issues and your struggles and you will see that having someone besides you in the time of such a situation feel a lot better than handling things on your own.
  2. Stay Away From Negative People – You need to make sure that you don’t come in contact with negative people or those who always pinpoint your weaknesses or mistakes. Stay away from them. Because they are not going to help you in any way rather will increase your stress.
  3. Change Your Outlook – Sometimes, due to burnout, we feel so helpless that we have a feeling of worthlessness and this further fuel the emptiness in us. You need to change the way you have been looking at things or situations lately. Try to find balance in life by focusing on those aspects of life that bring joy. Be grateful for things you have right now. Take some time off from the area of life that is making you feel burned out.
  4. Prioritize – You need to prioritize what is important and what is not. Burnout gives a negative outlook and that’s why we focus on things that are making us feel exhausted and do not hold much value at that particular moment. In the state of burnout, you need to work on setting your boundaries and taking out time for relaxation. After that, with a clear and more relaxed mind, you need to think about what needs to be done first and whatnot. So, take a break, and prioritize your tasks.
  5. Make A Healthy Schedule – You must make a schedule for yourself that includes exercise, a good diet and enough sleep to make you feel relaxed and healthy. So, take a pen and paper, plan your day – including sleep and exercise routine, decide how many calories you need to take in a day and how many needs to be burned and you are all set to deal with the challenges of life.

These steps are really important in bringing balance in life and making you deal with your exhaustion and burnout. Incorporate them into your life and share your improvements with us.

Stay Blessed!

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