How To Focus On Wellness While Working From Home


Hey, I’m back again. But this time I want to share something with you all. It’s about my health. So, just like many of you haven’t stepped out of the house since the pandemic, I’m also the one who is working from home since then. To be honest, I don’t get a lot of opportunities to get up from my couch because while writing blogs or any other content I need an idea and then a place without any disturbance.

Sometimes, my Broca’s area becomes slow and it takes me a lot of time to express my thoughts in words. This habit has also affected my eating and sleeping routine. And now I’m here with back pain, stiff neck, dark circles around the eyes and a potbelly. But, something happened last week, which made me realize how I’m just ruining my mental and physical health. So, I researched, contacted a few people and made a healthy routine for myself that is helping me focus on my wellness while working from home. And I would like to share some of them with you.

  1. Pomodoro Technique – This technique is superb for time management. Here, I select my task, choose an estimated duration for the same and then take a break. For example, I need to write a blog of 600 words, I set a time for the first task that is researching. I give say 30 minutes to this task, set a timer and after 30 minutes I take a break for 5 minutes and get up from my chair (yes, I have stopped sitting on the couch while working) and do some light exercises to feel active again and reset my focus. I keep on repeating the same process for all the tasks I set.
  2. Snacking – Another thing that I have changed for my health (especially that pot belly) is by replacing unhealthy snacks with healthier ones. So, while sitting on the couch, I used to eat chips, biscuits and cakes a lot because they are easy to have while working. But my beloved snacks have betrayed me and affected my health, so I replaced them with roasted nuts and seeds. They are a much healthier option and also easy to have.
  3. Walk – Another thing which I have changed is that I have started going out. Before you think I’m mad for going out during such time, I would like to tell you that I follow all the COVID-19 appropriate behaviours. So, why I go out is just for a walk. Walking out (sometimes on my terrace) helps me regain my composure and makes me feel relaxed. It opens my mind and improves my creativity. It removes that mental block that I was having quite frequently due to being confined in one room. This has helped a lot and I would request you all to try going out with all the safety measures and feel the difference.
  4. Social Connection – As it is not appropriate to gather and meet your family and friends, I make sure that I call them (mostly video calls) regularly to maintain my sanity in these difficult times. Having a social connection is very important because we need someone to share our thoughts with, even if they are regarding this pandemic and how we all are coping with the same. So, do not delay calling your friends and family, call them right now.

Follow these suggestions and see the difference in your physical and mental wellbeing.

Stay Blessed!

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