How to Identify Stress Triggers


We all face certain situations which make our heartbeat go faster, leave our forehead sweating. Pile of files on your table or a demanding boss or a shrieking spouse or complaining children, or a barking dog or some noise coming from neighbourhood, we can’t exactly know what triggers our stress.

If we identify our stress triggers, half of the battle is won against them. Generally, there are two types of stress triggers- External triggers and Internal triggers. Let’s discuss them in detail.


External Triggers

1. Environment

Quarrelling neighbourhood, a barking dog, extra sunlit room, unpleasant weather, what exactly disturbs your mood sometimes you do not even know. You have to keep a watch over everything that comes in your environment which causes stress.

2. Changes
New home, an adjustment in marriage, unplanned pregnancy, promotion to undesired place anything that brings a little instability in life can trigger your stress.

3. Workplace
Workplace is a common trigger of stress. A load of work, a demanding boss, unending files, urgent deadlines, bullying seniors, uncooperative colleagues etc can be a stress trigger.

4. Being Social
Living as a social animal triggers stress from different sources. Unhealthy relationship, complaining children, fighting partner, a quarrelsome neighbour can stir stress in you.


Internal Triggers

1. Past Memories
People have a sad love affair or a relationship in the past. Or they have some pain, set back or trauma in past. This may unknowingly keep on stressing them.

2. Health Problems
Upsetting or difficult health problems may trigger stress and make it worse. An unhealthy body has a low level of energy and less desire to fight. This produces an incapability to perform in any area which results in stress.

3. Negative Thinking/Vibes
Thinking makes a great difference in life. Seeing the dark side of everything first triggers stress. If you tend to use a lot of negative words when thinking about yourself, it may increase your stress level.

4. Daily Stress
Daily stress reasons like traffic jams or missing your train or reaching late in the office or not keeping a promise can push you in stress too.

5. Financial/Future Worries
If you are worried about your future all the time. Or you are always busy in calculating or planning your budget, it may trigger your stress. The person who feels financially insecure cannot live freely.

Look at these factors, and try to analyse where your stress is coming from. It is possible that these factors do not give you stress but if you go through them, introspect and analyse, you will surely get a clue of triggers that are behind your stress.

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