How to Improve Your Creativity?


Creativity is our ability to create something new that is original as well as functional. It is not limited to the field of art but needs to be present in every aspect of life. When we do something in a novel or unique way, we call it a creative action. Creativity brings a sense of happiness and confidence. It makes us feel more connected with ourselves. Once we understand in detail how a thing works and how we can address that, we put our brain to test and that stimulation brings several ideas that give us a whole new perspective to look at the things. Let’s explore how we can improve our creativity.

  1. Go Into The Details – Our mind has deep alleys. It contains information which we cannot imagine to be present there. It has all sorts of ideas, thoughts, memories, techniques, etc. When you go deeper into your mind and change the way you look at things, you get a new view every time. You just need to realize which idea will work in a certain situation on a particular thing. These details and deep journeys being creativity and new ways to deal with those things.
  2. Open Your Arms To New Experiences – Creativity can only be attained when you are ready to adjust or change as per the need of an hour. A fixated mind can never go deep and can never think out of the box. To have creative ideas, you need to think beyond your experiences and thought process. To start with, you must learn about various unhelpful styles of thinking and how they cast the nets to tie us up with them.
  3. Clear The Clutter – Time to time you need to clear the mental clutter to think more clearly. This will help you be more focused on ideas that are more creative and novel. But remember not to throw away that clutter without giving it a thought. Because sometimes a creative idea lies in that clutter just like a diamond in the rough. So, always try to make your mind more clear by clearing the mental clutter and making space for creative ideas.
  4. Nothing Is Right Or Wrong – When it comes to creativity, you cannot define it to be right or wrong. Because it is something original and new, there’s no rule book made for it. So do not throw away your creative ideas just because you feel it is not “right”. You have to take the risk and need to think thoroughly to implement it and then you will see whether it is functional or not. So, be fearless and take the risk. Do not get into right or wrong at the initial stages because then you will be considered the biggest obstacle in your creative journey.
  5. Learn, Learn, Learn – Learning about different topics which are not related to your field can improve your creativity. Sometimes, learning about one field can solve the problem that occurred in a different field. It is all because of the new perspective gained through learning. The pieces of knowledge gained while learning can be helpful in the future while dealing with a creativity block or certain challenge. That’s why it is always good to have people from different fields and backgrounds while working on a new idea because they all will be diverse pieces with various ideas that will make the interconnection more interesting. So, learn about different topics and fields, talk to people with different backgrounds and gain knowledge with new thinking and perspective.

We wish you luck on this creative journey and do not forget to practice brainstorming with open-ended solutions.

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