How To Let Things Go?


We all experience sadness and pain in life; sometimes due to losing a thing or a person. Relationships break, things fall apart, our thoughts get affected but we persist, we live and move on with life. Because we cannot and don’t need to control everything no matter how much we want. Control is an illusion. We must learn to let things go when it’s time to heal ourselves, to feel better and to embrace the newness of life. We are not saying that you will ‘forget’ about those things neither we try to force you to learn to stop remembering those painful memories. We are saying that keep only those things or memories with you that will help you grow, that will remind you of your uniqueness and that will help you move forward. Because in the long run if you don’t let some things go, you will eventually hurt yourself more. So let’s learn how to let things go.

  1. Express – When you find yourself in a painful state, do not suppress your emotions and your feelings. Rather, express them, give them an outlet. Talk to your friends, write them down in your diary or cry if you feel like it. This will not make you weak rather make you stronger because we are humans and we have the right to feel and express ourselves. What is important is to learn here is that you understand how a situation is affecting you so you can accept it and move on.
  2. Forgive – Making mistakes or choosing the wrong option is all part of life. We all make mistakes and that’s absolutely okay because that’s what makes us human and this is how we learn. Resenting yourself or others will only worsen the situation. It is not going to change what has already taken place. So, forgive yourself or others, accept what has happened has happened and move on.
  3. Support – If you feel that the result of a situation is making you feel overwhelmed, take others’ support. Talk to your friends and family and ask for help. There’s nothing wrong with asking for support and sometimes all we need is a shoulder to cry on. Once we express our feelings and emotions, we feel a lot better than when we try to keep all things to ourselves and suppress them. And if required, take professional support and learn to let things go.
  4. Mindfulness – Sometimes what helps the most is being in the moment and enjoying or experiencing the present situation. When we focus on the present we try our best to do things in a better way so this present doesn’t become a painful past. But if we keep ourselves immersed in the past we are not only ruining our present but also our future. Focusing on the moment is the best way to let things go and move forward in life with new challenges.

Bonus Tip–
Whenever you feel stuck in the past or find difficulty in moving on, go for a walk in nature and keep a diary with you. Sit under a tree and write down your feelings and thoughts along with future goals and plans and make small achievable targets for your happiness.

Stay Blessed!

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