How to maintain a work-life balance in a pandemic?


There’s nothing to worry about when you feel stressed at work and home due to certain reasons sometimes. But this pandemic and work from a home culture have given rise to another level of stress. You are sitting in front of the computer, working on an important project, engrossed in the task, working as if you are in the office and then suddenly you hear your child’s cry. In that exact moment, you realise you are at home. Your brain stops working and analysing the situation and you react aggressively, telling your spouse to look after the child so you can work but then you realise it’s your turn to take care of your child. Life feels miserable. You feel stressed and don’t know how to manage things, you haven’t even had your lunch yet and now you need to take care of your child and have to complete that work-related task. This situation seems unbearable and you feel you can’t do it anymore. So, stop for a moment and re-evaluate your work-life balance and make some healthy changes in your lifestyle to be more productive and less stressful.

  1. Self-Care – You must take out some time for yourself. Being at home all the time, having a flexible working schedule so you can finish your household chores is not helping you in keeping yourself healthy. It’s high time you stop juggling between housework and office work. Take out some time for your health and care. Go for a walk. Pursue your hobbies. Apply that face mask. Give yourself a good head massage. Give attention to your needs and feel the difference. You just need to give 30 minutes to yourself in the morning and at night. That’s it, you are good to go.
  2. Set Boundaries – You are not getting anything in return when you work all night and wake up early in the morning. You are just ruining your mental and physical health. Stop taking calls, replying to messages when you are taking time off. And also, don’t burden yourself with household chores where you are cooking, cleaning and maintaining the house all day long. It is very important that you set boundaries and make them clear to you, your partner, colleagues and manager.
  3. Don’t Be Alone – You are connected with thousands of people electronically but there’s not a single soul whom you can meet to have a heart-to-heart conversation. You don’t have time to meet your family and friends and thus not have a meaningful relationship with anyone. So, don’t think that you are okay when you are talking to 10 people simultaneously on different social media platforms. You are not okay. This way of living is not okay. Going out and meeting people is good not only for mental but also spiritual well-being.
  4. Digital Detox – Cutting ties with the cyber world from time to time is an important and much-needed break. You need to fix a time when neither you are replying to your WhatsApp messages nor you are checking your work emails. You can read a novel or paint or listen to your favourite songs. You will surely see improvement in your creativity and imagination and you will feel energised.
  5. Prioritise-First, understand about your most productive time and block that time for the most important work-related activities. Stop checking your emails and phone frequently, this wastes a lot of your time. When you have your lunchtime, get up from your seat and have lunch on the dining table. Structuring your day makes you more productive at work that results in having more free time for relaxing activities.

Although, life seems hard at this time, making a routine will keep you healthy and productive.

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