How To Overcome Your Fears And Become Successful


Fear is our natural response to self-preservation. Fear keeps us safe when comes in the right doses. When we are in a situation which we perceive as dangerous and threatening, fear emerges. However, it can be considered as a superpower in dangerous situations because this state of extreme pressure gives us the power to deal with the situation. But the problem occurs when this superpower takes hold of our lives and fear gets out of hands. Till the time, fear subsides as the situation gets better, all is well. But when the fear remains even after the situation has improved, then the problem occurs and the extreme manifestation of constant fear is anxiety that makes us see danger in every situation and we fear everything we encounter or think about. So, let’s explore how to overcome fear to be successful in life.

  1. Positive Mindset – It is important to have a positive mindset when need to deal with fears. Fear often affects how we think and makes us think negatively. When we think negatively, we behave accordingly and that affects our performance and productivity. It is important to have a solution-oriented outlook that is positive and hopeful rather than focusing on the problem itself all the time.
  2. Analyse – It is really important to understand the nature of your fears. Whether your fear is based on rationality or it is only based on “what if” thinking. When we analyse our fears and find them to be rational, we look for a more focused approach and find the cause of that fear along with a positive and realistic solution. But when our fear is based on “what if” thinking, it shows that this kind of fear is not rational and you are just making your life miserable by thinking about failure or danger. This requires attention because letting such fear overrule your life will make you more prone to be anxious.
  3. Accept – We all have a certain level of uncertainty in life and that is normal. We can never predict exactly what is going to happen. This uncertainty makes life more interesting. But if you choose to let this uncertainty turn into fear, you are making a big mistake. You can never eliminate or get rid of all the risks in life. Rather a little bit of fear will help you make the right decisions. So, accept this uncertainty and don’t strive to be perfect all the time.
  4. Do Something – Fear will make you behave negatively. It motivates you to escape or avoid the situation but this is not right. You cannot escape or avoid every situation. If you do that, you won’t be able to find your true self, then how can you expect to find success in life? So, bring some action in life and take the risk. Do something. This will give you confidence and keep you move forward in life.
  5. Be Aware – Sometimes our fear comes due to a lack of knowledge. This creates a sense of insecurity and uncertainty. What we fear the most is the fear of the unknown. So if you think that your fear is because of a lack of information, then get yourself informed by reading, learning, talking to the experts and anyone you feel can guide you better. Become aware of your fears and the strategies to overcome them. This will help you examine the situations based on the facts rather than the assumptions and speculations.

We hope that you will consider these points and work on your fears. Once you get the key, you can unlock your true potential.

Stay Blessed!

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