How to Protect Your Mental Health during the Corona virus Outbreak


We all are facing the strangest and unusual circumstances these days. Almost everyone around the globe has spent months and spending a lot of hours at home these days and many of our social and working activities are no more available to us due to this unfortunate coronavirus outbreak.
But don’t look only the bad side of this, it is going to help us to see the world as a different perspective and give us time to set our priorities.

Feel this different rhythm of our lives; make it an opportunity to be in touch with others in different ways than we used to. Be in touch with your dear ones regularly on WhatsApp, e-mail, or on the mobile, these are still good ways of being close to the people who matter you.

1. Make a new routine
Don’t be lazy, try to create a new daily routine that suits you. You may add more readings and searching the internet to improve your knowledge or watching good movies with your family on television or mobile phone. Don’t forget to add daily light exercises and some relaxing techniques into your routine. Just relax with your family members and use this time like a long vacation that was badly needed.

2. Don’t involve with negativity
These days every news channel is running the news about the corona and its fatality, don’t engage yourself and avoid negative discussion all the time about the news or corona impact with your family. Don’t trust so much on social media platforms and lose your calm over rumors or fake news. Stay away from the sensational messages and don’t spread any content that is not true.

3. Follow the hygiene
Make a habit of rubbing hands more than normal, for 20 seconds with handwash and lukewarm water. You may use a good sanitizer with above 70% alcohol content too. Use tissues if you sneeze and make sure to dispose of appropriately.

4. Follow the social distancing but stay connected
You should follow the 6 feet away rule when you go outside to shop or meet anyone but don’t hide yourself and disconnected to your dear ones because at the time of stress or pressure human work better in the company, we feel safe with support, Try to connect and keep in touch yourself with your friends, relatives, co-worker, boss. Today we have many ways of communication like email, WhatsApp, social sites and of course the mobile phone.

5. Yoga and meditation
Try to learn some basic yoga asana and breathing techniques of meditation. It will help you to burst out of your stress and will make you mentally strong.

6. Be on a balanced diet
Food is not only a necessary thing for our body but also it gives us pleasure and relaxed our mind. You must have a balanced diet and make sure to add things that increase our immunity.

7. Talk positively with your children
If you have children above 5 years you should talk with them regularly. Tell them lightly about the corona decease and remove their doubts if any, tell them that it is not going to harm us because we follow the guidelines, etc. Try to minimize the negative impact of the corona outbreak not only on our children but our family members too.