How to recover faster from Depression?

How to recover faster from Depression

Depression is a mental illness or disorder. Same circumstances prove to be different for different people. A person may feel happy while others may have depression under the same circumstances. Researches tell genetics, hormones, stress, social anxiety etc are some various factors responsible for it. Here we are going to discuss the top seven points which may help you recover from depression faster.

1.Identify and Avoid Triggers

Depression triggers may vary from person to person.  For example, the atmosphere of an office may be suitable for your colleagues but not for you. These triggers may involve a place, a smell, a person, a memory, a song, a movie anything. It is only you who can identify what are the triggers of your depression and try to avoid them.

2.Healthy Diet

The second very important thing is your diet. On the contrary in the state of depression, a patient feels a lack of appetite. He hardly eats anything, or what he eats maybe some unhealthy, junk food or consumption of chocolates, cakes, drinks increases. 
Don’t forget a diet has a miraculous effect on your body and mood.  Brain needs balanced nutrients to function properly.  A healthy and balanced diet keeps not only a body healthy but also a brain.

Cut on oily, fatty, processed food, caffeinated drinks, cookies, cakes, junk food.  Instead start taking sprouts, protein, food that contains omega 3, unsaturated fat, seeds, nuts, fruits. Drink water a lot, approximately, 6 to 8 glass of water a day.

3.Avoid cigarette, alcohol and drugs. 

While in depression people get inclined to alcohol, drugs, cigarette etc as they make them feel relaxed for a while. Vice-versa these things make a person addicted and without taking them a person starts feeling anxious. It becomes a vicious circle. So it is advised that the people suffering from depression should stay away from such addictions.

4.Wear a smile

The other immediate thing which you can do to recover from depression faster is to wear a smile. Try to laugh a lot andhave burst of laughter. Paste an artificial smile on your lips. Laughter brings in an oxygen-rich air that stimulates the heart and lungs. Even if you are not feeling good, you are ill- tampered right now, try to paste a smile on your lips. This works like magic. 
Try to enhance your sense of humour. Crack jokes but avoid being sarcastic. Don’t be offensive in words.

5.Talk therapy

When you feel you are drowning deep into depression, find anyone around you, whom with you may talk. Be social. Go out of the house. Go to the park. Talk to any person be it a friend or a stranger. If possible join a support group.

But remember to stay away from negative people or the person who makes you feel depressive. You may talk about yourself, your problems, your symptoms and your sickness. Don’t think there is any harm to your image in it.

6.Ward off negative thoughts

Stop thinking anything negative about you, or your efficiency. Failure comes to all. Stay positive in any condition. If a negative thought comes to win over your mind, put it aside. Think for a positive tomorrow.

7. Exercise or go for a brisk walk

Exercise or a brisk walk releases a feel-good hormone namely serotonin which is very beneficial to save you from depression. This hormone improves the functioning of the brain. If you feel low, just put on headphones, play some good music and go for a walk or exercise. It will definitely enhance your mood.

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