How to Stay Hopeful in Hard Times?


There are so many reasons which make people lose hope. Unemployment, death of a loved one, sickness, relationship issues, stress and many others. All these factors discourage us and we feel overwhelmed. We feel there’s nothing now that could amend this situation and feel hopeless. This hopelessness sometimes leads to worthlessness and low self-esteem.

But if you remain hopeful, you can conquer anything and bring your life back on track.
So how can we start doing this? Let’s explore.

  1. Make A Routine – Before you do anything else, make a routine for yourself. Sleep on time and wake up at the same time, daily. Even on weekends. Following a routine will make you feel energetic and you know you have a plan. When we have a plan and know what needs to be done at a particular time, we feel confident, stress-free and hopeful. You can make a routine of sleep, meals, exercise etc.
  2. Set Goals – Having goals in life makes our life meaningful and also give us a feeling that we have a purpose that motivates us to do something in life. The best way to achieve a goal is to divide it into small targets. Every small achievement counts and gives us motivation and confidence to move forward. As you complete a target, it makes you closer to your goal and you become hopeful for achieving it. Your goal could be learning a new skill in the next 6 months or start working on your mental health etc.
  3. Be Grateful – To make yourself happy or having a better perspective in life, count your blessings. Think about all the things you are grateful for and see how blessed you are. You can start writing at least 1 thing daily that you are grateful for or can think about the same at the start and end of the day. We are sure, you will see how blessed you are and it will give you hope in life. You will realize that your life is beautiful and positive and you can take charge of it.
  4. Self- care – We believe that positivity and hopefulness reside in a healthy mind and body. When you have a positive thought process and a disease-free body, you think, feel and behave positively. This can be achieved when you give attention to your well-being. You can practice mindfulness or meditation for a healthy mind and you can exercise to have a healthy body. Self-care is a must when it comes to having a hopeful mindset.
  5. Connect with nature – Nature teaches us to be hopeful in every way. When you look at a flower on the side of the concrete road, you see hope. When seeing the first new leaf on the tree in the spring season, you see hope. When you see a vulture destroying a bird’s nest but the moment the vulture leaves, the bird start making her nest again, you see hope. When you see a rainbow after a thunderstorm, you see hope. So go out and connect yourself with nature. Be in nature. Observe your surroundings, without judgment and see the magic, see the hope and you will surely heal.

Try these few tips and see if you can feel the change in your thinking and life. Just don’t lose hope. You will get what you want. Be hopeful and do your best.

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